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  1. Hello....It was a bad caliper. I removed it to be able to spin tire and then went to the dealer and they installed a new one under warranty. They said it happens sometimes where even new calipers go bad
  2. I have been reading some really disturbing posts on other sites relative to water entering through non sealed Head Area Compartment step screws that go through the subfloor. Alot of folks have discovered water standing under subfloor area that is full of foam fill. Very disturbing and Robalo doesn't seem to be owning up to this being their fault. Anyone have an opinion on this?
  3. I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I am a R200 2021 owner and from what I hear around town, one of fhe lucky ones where Im not experiencing many issues with my R200, although just today I had a caliper lock up on my trailer and had to remove it so that the trailer could move as well as when first delivered noticed the tops to my fish boxes had to much fiberglass and wouldn't close right. I would definitely speak to a lawyer to see what you could maybe do about sending a Demand Letter as well as maybe starting a petition of sorts maybe to get folks having similar issues threat with a Class Ac
  4. Has anyone had issues with freezing Calipers? 1 year old boat, I always wash down and spray with anti corrosive spray after each use and I just had my rear driver side caliper freeze where I had to remove tire and take caliper off at the Resort I was in right when I was retrieving boat after a week stay. Needless to say, I was pissed. I called my Dealer/Sales Person and he was very attentive and put me with service but all they said is that I needed to remove the caliper so I could be on my way and that they would order another one and install. Thats fine, but why should a less than a year o
  5. Thats a bunch of bullshit..... they just don't put the same priority to get the small boats out and finished as they do the larger ones...
  6. Rick Ivens... I did exactly what So Cal mentions and it works. Get the thickess rubber gasket (I used a 3 inch high one) and attach to the entry floor. That will resolve everything. I attached the gasket drilling into gel coat with stainless screws and used a little 5200.
  7. Thanks Jersey Shore.... Where can I find the fuse.
  8. I went to use my 12v Aux plug on my R200 for the first time to inflate some stuff at Sand Bar and it doesn't work. Any thoughts?
  9. How do you work the Battery Position on your boat. I have two batteries and the switch has Off, 1, 1+2 and 2 as dial positions. Do you keep your boat in the off Position in water?
  10. I have a 2021 R200 and ALWAYS keep it on a trickle charge with the battery switch set to 2 battery position. I'm going to be going on vacation soon and having my boat docked with me for about 6 to 7 days. My question is this..... Do I need to worry about my batteries draining for those 6 or so days if I'm using the boat daily for Sandbar with radio on action and fishing? I'm not sure if the dock where I'm staying has power for me to bring my charger. Thanks,
  11. Seems like the factory left an opening where the wires come into the light. These lights are supposed to be sealed in order to submerge. My trailer driver side light already took a s..t. Does anyone know where the connection is made? I would imagine somewhere along underside of trailer. Im going to replace myself.
  12. Thanks Jersey Shore.... So to clean out the live well and raw water lines of salt water when boat is out of water, you would basically use one of those plunger looking tools and place over the outlet under boat and connect fresh water hose to it and then run the live well and raw water wash down as usual for a bit and let it drain water out the back outlet until flushed with the fresh water?
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