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  1. It was choppy, 2 to 3 foot seas, four 200lb plus guys, lots of Ice, gear, 3/4 full tank gas, etc. I was trimming engine and couldn't get her past 37. Sounds to me based on answers so far, this may be normal.
  2. Went out fishing yesterday with my 2021 R200 and couldn't get passed 37 mph with 4 guys and gear....Does anyone have an opinion? Normal?
  3. Thanks to both Full Throttle and Jersey Shore for your responses.
  4. Yes... I see where there are two Accy Buttons on one of the switch banks, on the backside there are two wires. One says Accy 1 and the other Accy 2. I want to utilize one for my front lights and the other for my back lights. My lights have two wires. Red and Black. Which wire do I connect to the wire coming out of the back of the switch bank that says Accy 1 or 2 and then where does the other wire connect to. I am aware one wire is hot and the other neutral. Just a bit unsure as to how to connect to the pre wired ready to go Accy switches that come with my 2021 R200.
  5. Has anyone utilize the 2 Extra Accy switches with extra pig Tail connectors supplied by factory? I am installing front and back spreader lights and would like to use both switches. I'm looking to know how to do the wiring. I have run two 18 gauge two conductor wires one for front light and another for back light. Does anyone have an illustration as to how to connect to the supplied hook up inside console?
  6. I have a 2021 R200 and other than the Throttle Assmbly clips at the motor coming off (seems to be a common issue) and having to zip tie them, I have had zero issues. Wondering what others have experienced with boats built during this Covid craziness
  7. Thanks Full Throttle...I have already installed them as the Service Department told me it was not a problem and needed no drain. I was just looking for some corroboration of what they said. BTW, what is the Garboard Drain Plug? As far as I know, I only have one drain plug at bottom rear (stern) of the boat. Is there another plug somewhere else?
  8. Hello....First time post. Before I installed Rod Holders at the bow , I asked my Service Department if the gunnels on the R200 drain out of boat or at minimum to the bilge pump at stern. I dont remember exactly what they said but I do remember them telling me it wasnt a problem and that I DIDNT have to install any drain. The gunnels did drain out any water. Is this true...Can someone chime in with a definitive yay or nay on needing any type of drain system. Thanks.
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