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  1. HA! 2021 production is completely booked so you are at the mercy of what is available on the street and I haven't found anything equipped as I would like it. I was originally told that I could order now, it would be a 2022 model and I would, hopefully, see it by November. One of my local dealers said they just received 4 production slots in July so I will have it by August. Frustrating, but it is what it is, I guess. If I'm going to spend this much money, I'd rather wait a little longer and get it exactly as I want it.
  2. Thanks Jersey Shore. I appreciate the detailed feedback!
  3. Hello I am working on a build for a 2022 R242 CC and have a few questions. I am coming from Great Lakes boating to inland boating on an Army Corps of Engineers Lake (Beaver Lake, NW Arkansas). This boat will be used for recreational pleasure boating and light to moderate fishing. Beaver Lake is a relatively small lake of roughly 32,000 acres and has a max distance of approximately 50 miles. You cannot find a point on this lake where you cannot see at least 2 shorelines. My first question is regarding power. Coming from significantly larger cabin cruisers with twins, I am accusto
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