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  1. update on the latches, I ordered a generic set off Amazon and just for shits and giggles before removing the original locks I tried the keys for the new set and they worked perfectly so I am thinking that the keys are generic like keys for a lawn tractor so now I have 4 keys for the original latches and two extra latches.
  2. thanks, I found some online that look the same and ordered.. only 16 bucks and i will see if they work when they get here.
  3. Can someone tell me how I can find out what the make and model of the lockable latches on the electronics boxes? The dealer I bought the boat from never gave me the keys and said they would contact Robalo and have them send a new set but they are avoiding me and don't return calls and e-mails..... one of those after the sale deals I guess because they know I live over 7 hours away from them so out of sight out of mind. Id like to just order a new set of latches to change out myself.
  4. Can someone tell me what model of the SimRad Go7 Chartplotter and what transducer are being put on the 2021 Robalo R200's? My boat is on order to be delivered some time in December and I am looking at learning about the plotter/gps unit before hand. I know their are different capabilities between the XSR and the XSE head units as well as a wide difference between the transducers.
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