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  1. Tom, Ordered my R180 on July 20, 2020. Currently, the completion date is January 29, 2021. Then, it needs to ship from Nashville to New Orleans, dealer prep, etc. Then, delivery to me. I am hoping the shipping and prep is relatively quick and I take delivery in early February. Kenny
  2. I'm subscribing to this thread. I take delivery of a 2021 R180 at the end of January. I just purchased a dual bank charger for installation after delivery. Was thinking of finding a place in the center console and running the leads through the factory conduit (I am assuming they will leave a pull string for future use). I bought a plug port as well so all I have to do is plug an extension cord straight into the wall of the console. Anyway, not my intention to disrupt CarBar's thread - looking for info too.
  3. My 2021 R180 is scheduled for delivery at the end of January. Recently, I have been thinking of tackle storage options. I plan on using Sterilite 1644 containers under the rear jump seats for extra misc. storage, but would prefer something more specific and functional for tackle. I found the following box on Boat Outfitters that looks very promising as I think the available space under the leaning post is the most desirable location (don't want to cut into center console or body sidewalls) - I plan on waiting until the boat arrives to verify dimensions - unless someone here has already made
  4. I heard all 2021 Robalo models are sold out. If that's true, Wow!
  5. I ordered a 2021 two months ago (New Orleans, LA). I built it online and clicked every option except for a hard top. It won't arrive until the end of January, 2021, though. The boat is just about complete but Yamaha outboards are on backorder. I went with the 150 for the same reason mentioned above - under powered at 115. The 115 is fine if it's just two people, half-fuel, no major extra gear, inshore waters. I like to know I have the power to get back in particularly in rough water. Good luck to you on your order.
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