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  1. MCD, I assume you must have held a position at a Dealership based on your posts. If your posts and if you held a position to understand that this is indeed policy and attitude of both the Dealers and Robalo, I will again say that this is the best way to kill a Boat line. If the “Customer to Be Damned” then they will move on to a Manufacturer and a Dealership Network that does not treat the Customer in that Manner. B&B
  2. In regards to a local Dealer feeling he has exclusive rights to all sales in his “assigned” area, I respect feeling. I do have a problem with the same Dealer now feeling that he has the ability to “stick it to” a potential buyer I have a lot of problems with that. Case in point, I was in the market for a R180 in the late summer of 2020. I wanted a boat I could buy and get prepped for the upcoming Florida season over the winter. My local Dealer had only one Robalo in stock (not the one I wanted) and said my only option was to wait until a spring of 2021 delivery of the R180. He a
  3. JPM

    Propeller stainless

    Well, here is an update. Weather in Cocoa area (Indian River) has not been good since I put the new Prop on. Temps have been OK, but the winds have been terrible. This held me off to yesterday when I was able to get out. Not ideal condition but I was tired of waiting. On light chop into wind I got 5700RPM and 44 MPH. With wind 5700 RPM and 45 MPH. My prior numbers were on glass 0 wind perfect conditions and were the same both directions. Hole shot I felt was much better. The throttle response was strong and the R180 seemed to come on Plane much quicker. Overall, If I could get t
  4. JPM

    Propeller stainless

    I caught on this thread because I just purchased a Stainless Turbo 1 prop to replace the stock Aluminum one on my 2020 R180 F150. The Stock one is a 14.5DX17P. The Stainless replacement is a 14.25DX17P. I am waiting for a calm day to do a quick run check to see how it performs. I will update this info after I get the check done. The Prop Dealer thought that I would see some minor top end RPM drop (about a 100 or so) but at the same time I would see some top end Boat speed increase. My top end numbers with the stock prop is 5800 RPM and 46 mph. He thinks my time t
  5. I had this same problem. My flush muff was a single sided one when I had the problem. Purchased a dual sided water feed to both inlets and now I get a good flush with the telltale stream. JPM
  6. I was just about to order a 2021 from a Dealer in Cincinnati but just could not tolerate the wait till next year. I really wanted one that I could get prepped and take to FL this winter. Besides, the Local Dealer was trying to give me the Full Monte on the 2021. I worked the Internet and found a R180 with the Core things that I wanted (150, No T Top, Dual Battery) and no additional extra cost options that I did not want. I have the Boat now ready to go South this Winter with all the Electronics, Tabs, Folding Windshield that I wanted and considerably less money than if I had gone with the
  7. I must be really lucky. My R180 is put together great. I have been all over it installing Tabs, VHF, Chart Plotter, Stereo, Etc. Only minor thing was the Console compartment divider to back of electronics was not put in right (misaligned screws) that took just a couple of minutes to fix. Everything else was tight, aligned properly and functioned as it should. This is my Fourth overall boat (not counting six Sea Doos) and my first Robalo. Not really related, but I used to buy a new Ford truck every two to three years for a couple of Decades. Everyone was pretty good Qua
  8. No, I have the only VHF and Stereo connected. I have looked into it and since I have the Digital gauges I think it is plug and play. I have considered connecting the Yamaha up but like you I am questioning if it is worth it. Also, then you have two useless gauges in the dash. I guess on the upside I think the display page has more info on it, where with the stock gauges you have to scroll thru Pressure, Temp, ETC. I am going to sit tight for now. Maybe when I go to Florida this Winter I might find someone who has done the hook up and I can see first hand how it looks.
  9. From my entry above, I have now looked at the "tabs" switch on my panel again. I am a Knucklehead. The Robalo setup is good. I just wish that there was better info supplied with the Boat on wiring. The "Tabs" panel switch Circuit Breaker has a Positive Terminal point for the Trim Tabs Main Power for you to connect to. Also, it has an Auto Retract Pigtail off the switch (you would hook your orange wire up here). This would cause the Tabs to Auto retract when you selected the "Tabs" panel switch off, but the Panel switch does not cut the Main Power to the Trim Tabs. I
  10. My Lenco Tabs showed up on 9-25 (about a week earlier than expected, Thank you BOE Marine). The Tabs are 12W by 9l. The install was straight forward with no major problems. the remote thru transom kit allowed me to move the entry point up to just below the rub strip and straight up from the upper actuator attach point entering right into the Battery areas (I have dual battery setup) well above the water line. No Drama. I also found the engine wire bundle had an open round connector and I plugged the orange (Auto Retract) wire into there. Ran the Boat Saturday and everything work
  11. Ok, I just measured my 2020 R180 on the Standard Coyote Trailer that came with the boat. I first leveled the trailer to the ground front and rear. Then measured with Folding Windshield up at 106" (8'6'') and down at 94"(7'6''). I still have the metal stopper on the pivot of the folding windshield. No need for me to remove it due to my 94" (7' 10'') clearance on my garage door (8' door). I can see that if you removed this stopper, you could probably gain at least 4 inches (down to 7' 2.6''). Also, you could lower the tongue down and gain about another 1-2'' lower. This is to
  12. You can also lower tongue jack to lowest point, if trying to clear Console area. If you have a Ski Tow this will make the clearance worse. Also, Yamaha warns about move Throttle without engine running could damage something (cable stretch)). JPM
  13. I have ordered my Lenco Tabs. Unfortunately will not get them till end of Sep. I have purchased the remote Gland seal kit (15084-001) and moving the wire cable penetration up high enough to enter the Battery area. Seems they should include this with your Tabs, but have to buy separate. So for about 20 bucks I can skip the drilling into the unknown area hassle. JPM
  14. Mainly i use them for load leveling. Only very rare occasions to push the nose down. Yes, i have the 150 on the R180.
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