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  1. Hello, does anyone have a picture of the forward fly canvas that is offered in the options section when building a boat. Thanks Bruce
  2. Thanks so much for the input. I will be using to fish offshore 40-45 miles. Some bay fishing but for the most offshore. I will be keeping at a Marina. Since I will be new there I probably won't get the best spot when it comes to easily docking it, so I guess 2 engines would help there. Thanks again Full Throttle
  3. Hello, all. In the process of purchasing a 242CC. I pretty much know what I want for the most part. I'm a little torn between single vs twins when it comes to motors and Simrad Screens. I want twin engines but the more I read about it the more I feel that's a single 300 is the way to go. The other option is the single Simrad 12" screen vs the twin 9"s. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Bruce
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