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  1. Drove to a dealer today and one of the first questions he asked was were we were from. I told him and he said I was out of their territory. Got the speech about service and priority for service and I understand all that. I told him that we spend 8 weeks in the spring and 8 weeks in the fall 5 miles away and he said he would have to check with the higher ups. If the dealer is further away and I don’t mind driving there for service why should it matter? If I went to the closer dealer For service I understand I would be at the bottom of the list. I would have no problem driving to them for servic
  2. Let us know the final solution.
  3. Keep good records of everything that you and the dealer do. It might down the road.
  4. Yes boats really need them. People say just trimming the motor does the same, and it does, sort of but that changes how efficiently the engine runs. The two together does wonders. thanks for posting.
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