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  1. Well let me know sir Im on board.
  2. Ok here’s an update on my cushions, I picked them up after Christmas and I got to talking to my dealer and he said i needed a special tool to install these seats, upon further conversation I figured out he was talking about putting the snaps on the front deck cushions. Which i didnt need to replace these in the first place. The charge for putting one snap on is 12 dollars. So $264 was just for those snaps. Ill post some pics of my new cushions when i install them.
  3. Trim tabs are a must if you fish skinny water, but in deep water there not a necessity, if the boat rides unsteady you may want them. There an easy add on later, I would get my boat and test it good to see how it rides in the water.
  4. Ok ours was settled with us paying $1,400 for the seats cushions and another 400 for crates and shipping, that’s all they would do , and I have to pay my dealer 550 to install.
  5. Thanks Salty I appreciate your reply, but I was told that they would replace mine for 1400 plus the crate and shipping, I’ll put them on but I shouldn’t have to pay for something that they knew was bad and could start at any stage of ownership. I also keep mine covered most of the time. I am considering talking to my attorney about this situation.
  6. So my seats in my 2017 226 stated getting sticky this past winter and I recently found out that Robalo had a bad run of material. So my dealer sent the warranty manager a couple of emails trying to get it fixed under warranty, but they didn’t care to answer him. So I called them myself and was told that it couldn’t be repaired under warranty because of warranties expiration date. They did offer a discount on the cushions at around 1700 dollars. So my thinking is , they knew there was a problem with the material for the seats and therefore they should fix them no matter when the warranty ran o
  7. I have a 2017 Robalo and am having issues with some of the vinyl on my cushions on my seats. I have taken it back to dealer with no help. I have called a couple different people at Robalo and cannot get anyone to call me back. Any suggestions on how I can handle this.
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