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  1. Here are a couple of photos of my cut at adding an aft seat hatch door under the seat cushion on a 2021 Robalo R202ex. The door stop support ledge has as a full gutter and drain that routes run-off water to just above the port side rear deck drain. The hatch door has a weather seal where it meets the door stop support ledge. The hatch door and door stop support ledge were both fabricated from 3/4” King Starboard AS raw stock using a router, router table and other wood working tools. There was not enough clearance to fit the original Robalo round five gallon bucket after installing th
  2. Yes, you need to use the ear muffs. Never start the engine when using the flush port.
  3. Be sure that you throughly read the Yamaha owner’s manual, watch several quality Yamaha oil change YouTube videos and then read the Yamaha owner’s manual again prior to attempting your first oil change. The answers are in the owner’s manual. There are different methods and several tips in the various YouTube videos that make for a safe and clean oil change. My personal preference is to change the oil cold in our warm Southern California climate. I also prefer to drain via the oil drain plug vs. pumping out the oil. Always start the engine and check for oil leaks after the oil change
  4. I considered several different approaches for improving the attachment hardware. But for me the the best option was just to leave the cover off. There are fuses, inspection points, connectors (and the rear memory chip port if you have the Simrad G07 option) that must be easily accessible… especially if you need to troubleshoot a problem while at sea. I did build and install a cover to protect the 12V leads behind the battery switch. I believe that early year R200’s did not include the cover. It seems to be a not very well designed afterthought.
  5. On my 2021 202EX… The anchor locker hatch, the starboard fish locker hatch, the swim ladder cover and the T-top electronics box doors were all binding and/or not latching properly. I adjusted the hinges on all four and remounted the fish locker latch. I found an assortment of about twenty-five screws, nuts and washers laying on the ledge behind the console rigging cover in the head. Just weird. I found several screws (very) loose on the aft ground terminal strip. The +12V power lead terminal screw on the electronics fuse panel was also loose. I went through and checked every
  6. My 2021 R202ex with T-top measures 11”-0” from the ground to the highest point on the T-top. In case you need it… the boat on the trailer with the tung folded measures 24’-2”.
  7. Looks nice. What manufacturer/ model radar are you installing?
  8. My one sore spot with Robalo throughout my entire recent boat researching, buying, owning, operating and servicing experience was the inability to get any product information directly from Robalo. I found it extremely frustrating and almost walked away from buying the boat. My dealer did his best to answer my questions but I felt that he too was frustrated with Robalo’s lack of detail in their responses to his requests. Lenco answered my email the same day, Simrad answered my email in a couple of days, Coyote Trailer answered my email the same day... but Robalo corporate is an inform
  9. This the route from the T-top post hole to the electronics box
  10. I used a weight on a string from the starboard forward post top hole straight down to the hole inside the head compartment. With a little persistence and a slim tool to grab the string from the hole in the head compartment you’ll have success.
  11. Ba_fisher - What is the round black object that is attached to the bottom side of your electronics box?
  12. Boatyards often move trailered boats around the yard using forklifts with a hitch attachment on one of the lifting forks. In that situation there is no connection for the trailer’s electrical cable. That would be one example of when the pin would be installed to disable the surge brake.
  13. Can you post photo of your trailer hitch/coupling? It possible the Coyote switch couplers during the 2021 production run. The pin (at least on my trailer) is used to deactivate the surge brakes so that the trailer can be backed up when the trailer’s electrical connector is not connected to the tow vehicle. When the pin is inserted into the “backup” hole it blocks the trailer master brake cylinder from being compressed. The pin does not need to be removed when moving the the trailer forward (but the trailer brakes are deactivated - so a loaded trailer should probably not be towed at any si
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