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  1. I mounted the Precision-9 under the step in the head compartment on my R202. It’s center to the boat, near the water line, out of sight, away from other electrical components and allows for easy cable routing. I don’t know how the step is configured in the R230, but in the R202 the step is easily removed by removing four screws. There’s plenty of space under it and it’s easily accessed.
  2. JMAC - Take a look at the maintenance schedule in the engine’s owner’s manual. The maintenance schedule will list the recommended 100 hour service items.
  3. Did you buy the boat new from the dealer back in 2017? Or did you buy the boat used from the dealer more recently?
  4. For the current model R200... I don't see any manufacturer's markings on the latch but the keys are marked "SOUTHCO". The Robalo part number for the latch is: 24.00075.
  5. The part number in the Robalo Parts Identification Guide is 24.00089, "Latch Hold Down." It looks like Cecil Marine stocks them... http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/latch-hold-down-24-00089-in-stock-ready-to-ship/
  6. I am also thinking about making a cover out of Starboard. If two additional latches could be ordered from Robalo and installed as shown in the the photo then the Starboard would be securely mounted and easily removed.
  7. Is anyone having trouble connecting their Simrad GO9 (or GO7) to their home Wi-Fi network? After several attempts, GO9 resets and a call to Simrad technical support I’ve not been able to connect to my Wi-Fi. I can see my SSID. I can type in my Wi-Fi password. I can click on the Simrad “Connect” button. But instead of connecting I just get a “Cannot connect...” error message. Any info/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. You are very welcome, So Cal Fly Guy.
  9. The 2021 R200 has an ACR (Automatic Charging Relay) on board. You can see it just to the right of the battery switch. The ACR will automatically switch charging current between the two batteries as required - as long as the battery selector is the battery “1” position. So: - If the battery selector is in position “1” both batteries will be charged. - If the battery selector is in position “2” only battery 2 will be charged. The Robalo manual recommends that the battery “1” position be used when starting or running the engine. The manual also recommends that the battery “2” pos
  10. So Cal Fly Guy - For your R200... Start off by installing a fixed VHF radio with AIS receive (look at the Standard Horizon GX2400) and a Simrad G09 (or similar) chart plotter. Location, direction, speed and potential collision warning for all of the commercial and charter boat traffic will show up on the chart plotter. These two devices will provide a "good bang for the buck" and will significantly add to a safe boating experience near high commercial traffic areas.
  11. FullThrottle - Would you post a few photos of what you have built? What materials have you used? Do you have any construction tips that you could pass on to us? Thanks.
  12. I was discussing R180’s with my dealer yesterday. He said, at least for the R180 model, that all of the 2021’s are sold. Robalo isn’t accepting new orders for 2021 R180’s nor for 2022 R180’s.
  13. Does anyone know which maps come installed on the SimRad GO7 on the 2021 Robalos? Does the GO7 come only with the “base map”? Or are any of the more detailed maps included?
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