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  1. I want to build a aluminum box to mount my radar on but do not want to take the electrical box off just yet. So I need a picture of the underside of the t-top sans electrical box. It'll be 6" high and as wide as needed to affix to any tube that runs parallel to the boat. Four bends of an aluminum piece with 4 holes on small inside shelf. The picture is to get an idea whether we want to remove the electrical box now or that we have a better idea now.
  2. Here's a list of what I got from ElectricalHub.com Click Bond® CB100-81 Adhesive Dispenser, Manual, 8:1 / 10:1 Ratio Slide, use with CB200-40 & CB420-50E Click Bond® CB106 Mixing Tips, 6" Long Click Bond® CB420-50E Acrylic Structural Adhesive, 10:1 Ratio, 35ml Cartridge, ABS Approved, REACH Compliant Click Bond® CB911 Solvent Wipe, Paper Wiping Towel
  3. I rechecked the mount placement in the box and drew an outline so I knew where it went and where to sand of powder coating for a metal to metal seat. Sanding was tough, needed more than held held but got it done. Followed the directions from the Click Bond site, watched the videos and applied the adhesive, placed the mount, with radio on the mount for weight and let it dry. The fit is rock solid and time well tell if it holds for life.
  4. OK, got it all done. Took longer than expected because I did not order the applicator tip and gun the first time. So I have a 2021 R200 with a metal electrical box over the console. I did not want to drill holes in it to mount the VHF and looked for alternatives and found Click Bond bolts. The box is not very tall and if I mounted it on the underside of the top, I did not get the angle of sight I wanted, so I mounted it on the bottom of the inside. First I trimmed the glued mat on the bottom and marked off where I wanted the placement of the VHF mount. I then took the Click Bond bolt
  5. I ordered the parts I need and well let you all know how it goes. The adhesive says "an acrylic structural adhesive for high shock/vibration applications. CB420-50E is recommended for most marine and offshore applications. " So that should work well. Well also use it to secure the buss box I installed up there. '
  6. The electrical box on my 2021 R200 is metal. I have run power and the antenna cable into the box via the starboard side box hole. I do not want to drill holes in the box to mount the VHF mount and am thinking of using weld screws. Secure screws/bolt to VHF mount, then apply adhesive and place on bottom of box in final position. The question is, has anyone used these and well they withstand the vibration and rocking/bouncing of the boat.
  7. Appreciate the help, got it ordered.
  8. So I got my antenna and mount but the mount is the wrong one. It is a rail mount for 7/8 and 1" so that has to be sent back. The Shakespeare 4188-SL says it goes to 1 1/4, well that fit? What is the diameter of the t-top's outside rails? I looked at the owners manual, and on the web but could not find the diameter.
  9. I found the type I saw, just not sure of the size. I'll measure the distance from the door to deck when it is not raining. This is So Cal, it is not suppose to rain here. LOL
  10. I searched here and could not find it and went back looking at the Robalo Face Book page but could not find the picture and type of weather stripping someone used on their lower head door. Anyone know where and what it was? I just got in and shut the head door on my 2021 R200 and man, the gap is something. I was hoping to shore that up before we get some rain this weekend. Thanks for all the patience.
  11. Biphnest, thank you so much. The salesman I did the test ride with explained it but I was kind of going "shinny" while driving the boat and missed a few things.
  12. OK, I know this has been beat to death but... We all have friends who give opinions so, what is the correct running position for the battery switch? My buddy says I need a battery combiner otherwise both batteries do not charge. PLEASE, what is correct? He told me everything I need, he loved spending my money. LOL
  13. Great news, all 4 inside gunnel rod holders well take a 9 foot fly rod with no obstructions. Also, how hard and what is left on the hull if Robalo letters and logo are removed? Seems like a rag snagger at best.
  14. Got to do the test ride today. Rides great, no rattles not enough sea trial to get water on board. This showed up in the driveway tonight.
  15. Wayne, I got the electronics box above the console for the VHF and anything else I can put in there. On every motorcycle I bought I learned something about what I'd need. first boat, plan on only boat so I want to find it out before making a mistake. Really appreciate the input by everyone. One business said he could put anything I wanted on the dash, just cut the old one out and re do it. I thought, for one second "How cool" until my brain reminded me what he said. Also been trying to stick to "need", not "want".
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