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  1. Captron: sorry for the very late reply but obviously havent been here in a while. i have about 1.5” on each side so your Yeti should fit just fine. Hope the shrink wrap comes off soon!
  2. UPDATE: after much research and searching (and endless measuring) I found my solution. This cooler gives Yeti performance at a fraction of the price. The Magellan 50 fits perfectly under the seat and only had to move the front chocks to accommodate the fit in the floor. I actually took the back ones out to caulk the holes because there was no evidence that had ever been done. Comes complete with a basket and was on sale for $100!
  3. Didn’t realize it drained to the bilge. Thanks!
  4. While we are on the topic of 180’s Haz ever considered installing a t top? The canvas top this came with is shot and debating replacing or starting over with a t top.
  5. Thanks fellas! I will be sure to check this out. As I mentioned I found one that was correct I n the picture but the one that arrived was incorrect. we are on the water enjoying it right now!
  6. New proud owner of a 2014 R180!! Just filling in some of the blanks left behind by the previous owner. Boat did not come with the factory cooler. Has anyone tried to replace the cooler under the lean post? it is listed as a Coleman 70qt Extreme Marine, but everywhere I have looked it appears they have changed the style of that cooler since the boat was built and the dimensions of the newer version cooler doesn't fit the chocks installed in the floor of the boat. i managed to find one on Amazon and the picture displayed was the EXACT cooler, but when it arrived it was the newer version (and I'm pretty ticked off because I overpaid for this believing it was the right one). Anyone?? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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