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  1. I bought the 2017 R222ES with F200XB mechanical controls and 6Y8 multifunction gauges . I believe it should have command link but have not been able to find it anywhere in the boat. Can give me a hint?


  2. I found many member lost the rear cushions on boats while trailering their boats. I lost my port rear cushion today trailering my boat from the dealer.  I looked at all the manuals and there is no mention to removing the cushions for road trailering.  I believe you should put out a warning in your manual and send a warning to all of your recent owners. I will contact my dealer and request a replacement as part of warranty 


  3. I have a 2012 R180 that I want to put trim tabs (12" wide, 9" length) on and want to know the proper placement on transom. I am looking at electric trim tabs instead of hydraulics and am interested in any problems you know of with installation. It is difficult to access inside of transom. Thank You  

  4. I have a 2017 R160 with the Yamaha F70LA.

    The only upgrade I made was adding the Garmin chart plotter.

    my question is does this boat have the complete wiring harnes to the console ? The reason I ask is because I may want to add an hour meter or trim gage.  The Tach. is the only

    a Tach. does not have the hour meter on it.  My understanding

    is the harness is plug and play.

    please help. 

    1. Robalo Web Team

      Robalo Web Team

      If the boat can be ordered with an hour meter or trim gauge, the harness is set up for it.  If it is not an option, it will not be set up for it.

  5. Robalo Web Team

    2nd Bilge Pump

    It does not have a 2nd bilge pump. There is not a need for a 2nd pump. Robalo will be happy to help you after January 2nd. We are currently closed for the holidays.
  6. Good Morning, I just joined and wanted to make sure it was ok to post that I sell boat covers. I am trying to find the rules and regulations but can't seem to find them. Please let me know if it would be ok, thanks.

  7. Hello, I have a question about my R200 just purchased, and the capacity plate specs. . . .when taking all my weight limits into consideration(people, gear, etc. and motor), do I need to add the weight of a full tank of gas? (70 gallons at approx 8lb per gal would be about 560lbs off of my potential limit for people and gear)  For that matter, should I take into account the weight of one or two batteries into my total?  I want to make sure I understand what equipment is taken into account as part of the base boat, and what I should add in when calculating my limits.

    Thanks for your help!


    1. Robalo Web Team

      Robalo Web Team

      The gas does not go against your capacity on the capacity plates. Only people and gear go against the capacity plate total. Webbie

  8. I just purchased a 2014 R222.  Stereo and VHF not powering on.  Is there an easy way to remove the console/helm cover in the head to check fuses???

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    2. Robalo Web Team

      Robalo Web Team

      There are 4-5 screws that hold the cover on.  You can easily access.

      I would make sure the battery selector is on 1-2 or all.  Make sure the switch is on.

      Make sure the rocker switches are on.  The switches are labeled AUX or electronics.

      There is fuse panel for the stereo.  There is an inline fuse on the VHF wiring.

      Most of our electrical failures are not failures.  They are cases where the power is not connected.  Switch not on.  Or if the switches are on, then the plug to the switch is not seated well.  In other words, electrical continuity. Sometimes the plug is not seated well in the device, the radio or VHF in your case.

      If this does not work for you, send your phone number and someone will call you.


    3. kevinbraswell


      That would be awesome if someone can call me.  This boat is in pristine shape and I think I'm missing something simple.

      I will troubleshoot the next couple of days and follow your suggestions.  If you have someone that is available my cell phone is 205.868.9311.  I look forward to it.  Kevin

    4. Robalo Web Team

      Robalo Web Team

      Where are you located?  Alabama?

  9. Have a question about re-powering a 2003 R235...anywhere there knowledgable about that who can help?


    1. Robalo Web Team

      Robalo Web Team

      If you send your Hull ID, we may be able to tell you what engine your boat had originally. Do that as a start.

      What engines are you considering?

  10. Robalo Web Team

    Forum Upgrade

    Hello Everyone! We are planning an upgrade to the software Tuesday evening of this week. The forum will be off line during this process. If all goes well, the forum will be back on line Wednesday morning. Thanks for all that you do to make the Robalo community great! Webbie
  11. Robalo Web Team

    Can I put a ROBALO FOR SALE on this site somewhere??

    This site is not designed to sell your boat. In fact, sales are specifically precluded. I suggest Craig's list. There are other boat trader web sites. Good Luck!
  12. Robalo Web Team

    robalo warranty scam

    Robalo e-mailed and sent a private message to Miami 305 last week. We have a note from him Sunday with some information. Robalo is following up on the issue. We do care about our customers. We do seek to stand behind our boats and honor our warranty. I am not sure where the break down is in this case. There is not one single claim filed on this boat, either approved or denied. Miami 305 has certainly not had warranty service denied by Robalo at this point. We will see what happened and see how we can help. Robalo Web Team
  13. Robalo Web Team

    Delete/block the trolls please.....

    Not sure if it is a different Turkey or the same, but he is gone again! Webbie
  14. Robalo Web Team

    Delete/block the trolls please.....

    14 in one fell swoop. Webbie
  15. Robalo Web Team

    Delete/block the trolls please.....

    We delete spam 3-4 times per day during the business day. We also deleted them on Saturday. It seems that they post 30-50 posts at once. We eliminate them from being able to post from that particular location, but new ones constantly are posted. Thanks for your help in noting them. Webbie