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  2. I guess my question would be "what are you looking to gain?". I'm moving from an R207 to a 24 footer that is almost twice the weight. I want some added security when going offshore (although the R207 does a great job for its size) and my wife wants more seating for family outings. Adding 1 foot wouldn't address what we're looking for so it wasn't under consideration. That said, there are some significant differences in the rear seating, bilge access, fish boxes, etc. between the two boats that might make an important difference depending on how you plan to use the boat.
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  4. R222 - 21' 6" LOA, 8' 6" beam, 21 degree deadrise, dry weight 3,700lbs, passenger capacity 10/1,445lbs R200 - 20' 7" LOA, 8'4" beam, 18 degree deadrise, dry weight 3,000lbs, passenger capacity 8/1,200lbs No, it's not much more boat. Less than a foot LOA, 2" beam, ...
  5. Simply put, is the R222 much more boat than the R200? Potentially looking for a larger boat in the Brand but not sure I want to go all the way up to the 240. Thoughts?
  6. Hello All, just bought a 202 explorer that can with the Garmin 702 installed. I have had a couple of issues when hitting some waves the unit shuts down and takes about 20 minutes to recover and start getting satellites again to continue navigation. I seen a couple of post that the power cords are a issue has anyone had problems with the 702? Any recommendations for an alternative Nav chart plotter/fish finder?
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  8. 25-30 off in my R180. Buddy boat and pick your days very carefully. Plb, auto inflate on, and tether connected. Further I’ve had the family is 5 off on a glass calm day. Yes
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  10. if you have not ordered I have some info for you.
  11. I run two Scotty 1106Bs and replaced the rod holders in position 1 with equipment from Burnewiin and mounted the downriggers to their equipment. I also use it the same equipment for a pot puller. I installed power outlets on the underside of the gunwale, so they would be out of the way. Scotty/Canon is like a Ford/Chevy thing. I have a Scotty repair shop close by, so I figured I would go that way in case I have an issue.
  12. Thanks for the reply. This looks like a great solution and well worth checking into.
  13. Hi Dabbles, It might be too late to help but I believe the stock unit is an Airmar B619 20D. If you did upgrade to the B175 I'm interested in what you think. I'm not super happy with the stock unit and thinking of upgrading this winter when I pull it out of the water.
  14. Hi Otis, I have a R222 with rod holders in the same location all of which point to the stern of the boat. I'm not sure you will have enough clearance to spin the rod holders. I have replaced all of my stock units with and their rod holders because of how I have ended up fishing my boat.
  15. Oh joebalo the legendary! So glad that you finally showed up here!
  16. Do you have an AUX audio input for the stereo already on the console? My boat came it the 1/8 audio input on the console, but the stereo also has a USB audio input that was not connected. You should have some kind of connection point on the console to the stereo. You should be able to run wires to the gunwale to get to the back or you could get some fish rods and try to push those from the back to the front.
  17. Welcome Aboard, Joe. I have a R207 and have enjoyed it greatly. Appreciate having a member of the factory here to address any of our issues. :-D
  18. Yaaaaaa finally a factory guy on here! Thanks Joe!
  19. Nice to have you aboard. I'm sure you'll be able to help Robalo owners get their problems resolved.
  20. Thanks Joe! Glad you listened!
  21. Glad to be here to help. I've been on the facebook groups and the hull truth but heard this owners forum didn't have a factory presence. Decided to get on here to help and provide better support for customers.
  22. Forum member 2-N-Tow also offered a reply on the other Robalo Owners forum. Good luck!
  23. Joe: I'm a long-time follower of the valuable advocacy you've provided to Robalo owners through other discussion sites. Wholeheartedly, thank you for your ongoing participation on this Robalo Owners Forum. Good luck!
  24. Hi All, Been reading through the forums and really enjoy seeing those fishing/boating photos and reading the threads. I work in sales for Robalo and will be checking out the forums from time to time to help. I do travel a lot visiting dealers and boat shows so please be patient. Robalo warranty, parts orders, and customer support are handled directly through our dealerships which are factory trained to help with your Robalo needs. That is always your first resource for support but we are always here for you. Please feel free to private message me if you need anything.
  25. Hi Al, The R265 was a great boat for Robalo and we sold many over the years. Walk-around sales below 29 feet have slowed down nationally which has been a trend for a while now. Robalo decided to discontinue this model because its become a very small market. There are still a few left in the field if you're interested in buying one.
  26. I like the idea of redundancy but In the event of one engine failure, I don’t think the other 115 will be enough to get you on plane.
  27. Hmmm...I’m at a nice public marina. I suppose I could follow this path and remove the radio from the bracket when I leave the boat. Something to think about. Thanks.
  28. I don't turn off the engine since I'm trolling when I'm out that far. I probably wouldn't bring a child out that far. Like I said, the boat can handle the waves better than I can. Got in seas where the boat was doing fine at about 6MPH up and down some really steep waves, but I was getting knocked around pretty good. Definitely wouldn't want young kids in the boat during a storm like that. You made the right call.
  29. I do. I used stainless torx style screws instead of the thumb screws to attach the radio to the mounting bracket so it's not easy to remove. Also, it's trailered and covered at my home so there's not much opportunity for anyone to have a chance to remove it.
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