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  2. Lost cover to speaker on Robalo 300. Anyone know if I can buy a replacement without having to go through dealership?
  3. I don't have a twin power boat so I can't speak from experience. However, theoretically boat speed is related to the square root of engine power. This means 4x horsepower yields 2x speed. Let's say on 2 engines, you boat has max 40 mph. On only one engine (half of the horsepower), your max speed is about 28 mph. That should be more than enough to plane the boat, which usually planes in the 10+ mph range. For more info, see: (You probably want to tilt the dead engine up, though :-)
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  5. Thanks for the response. While I agree the F150's are one of the most reliable engines made, I still am an advocate of redundancy wherever possible and being able to plane on one engine offers a safety advantage in case of any other failures, such as lower unit issues or a spun prop. That being said, I don't think that not having the ability to plane on one engine would be a deciding factor as to whether or not I go with the twin 150s but it is still something I would like to know. Any owners out there with this setup that can answer the original question?
  6. Enjoy! and welcome aboard. Had my R207 for a couple of years now and thoroughly enjoy it.
  7. Hi. Proud owner of a new R207! Has Yamaha 150 that I find is adequate for my purposes. Grew up around boats, skiing the Ohio River and Lake Erie. We will be cruising around between Brunswick Georgia and Jacksonville Florida. Let the fun and memories begin!
  8. The twin 150s put the boat on plane in seconds. I think the motors are so reliable that you won’t have one going down on you. Typically if it did it would be due to bad gas which would impact both engines.
  9. I bought a new R242 and am considering moving up to the R302 so I can have a better ride from Sanibel to the Keys in the event of inclement weather or seas. I assume I would stop over in Marco then go from there. Has anyone had experience with both boats to tell me if they feel the money is worth the better ride and safety? Is there that much difference? Thank you.
  10. Hello all! I will be purchasing a new boat in the next year or so and really have my eye on an R240 with twin F150's. Can any current owners with this set up confirm if it will plane on one engine? I like the thought of that in an emergency situation, say of one engine went down and there was a summer storm fast approaching. Any thoughts?
  11. I’ve been in contact with The Trolling Motor Doctor regarding my R180. He said to add 25 inches to determine shaft length. $.02
  12. On my R200 the battery compartments are "vented" by ways of the rod holder holes -- the rod holder at the rear end of the gunwale points directly into the battery compartment. The in-gunwale rod racks have 2 more holes into the same space. I haven't tried plugging in the charger yet, but I think the holes should provide good enough ventilation.
  13. I measured my bow height and it's 40 inches above water. So by the west marine formula, for MotorGuide, 40+16 = 56", so a 60" shaft should work for me. My electronics guy looked at the bow and found that the space under the gunwale is hollow, so he should be able to pass the trolling motor wiring under there. He's going to install my transom-mount transducer next month, and in doing so, will open up the space between the gunwale and the starboard side of the console. At that time he will figure out how the trolling motor wiring can be done.
  14. I trailer and have no shore power hooked up, so never really thought about it. If you have the R200ES maybe you could add a vent on the front of that seat area that could be closed when running?
  15. That is a really nice cover and a great idea. Do you, or anyone else, have any concerns regarding ventilation while charging batteries? I might be too paranoid or maybe to cautious, but when I charge my trolling motor batteries, I put a block of wood under the backside of my stern cushion and another under the charger access panel in order to allow for ventilation. However, then I worry about exposure to the elements while these areas are propped open. I slip my boat, so batteries are plugged in and areas exposed while I’m away from my boat.
  16. Hi All, Looking for some help...I am trying to find the specs/dimensions for the fuel tanks that were originally in the 91 r18 CC. Right now I'm running off exterior tanks. I believe the original tank was about 50-55 gallons. Thank you in advance for the assistance.
  17. We haven't been to Bald Head yet. Can't wait. Looking to take the boat to Provision Company across the inlet in Southport this spring. Good food and atmosphere. I got the last 2017 on the floor at Angler's and it had the 150 HP Yamaha. So far so good, but have not had more than three adults on the boat at a time. I did add the trim tabs to help balance the load and make up for any planing issues if the 150 was slow out of the hole. No problems yet, but t-top will add another 80-90lbs so crossing my fingers. Std aluminum prop. Mine had the Garmin 741xs combo. It fits nicely on the helm and seems to do a good job.
  18. I live in Virginia but go down to CB as much as I can. We would take my old boat over for lunch at Something Fishy. Bald head is cool too. I'm installing a fish finder/ GPS and about half done. I'm waiting for good weather. What motor did you go with? Did u get the Robalo from Angler's Marine?
  19. Wow, sorry to hear of your experience. Robalo sounds to have gone downhill in the last decade. I bought my new R260 in 2007 and it has been a spectacular boat. I did have one issue with the Ttop and worked with Dan Osbourne who was very responsive. He may be overworked now if the quality is now this bad. Just a comment. Your trim tabs ARE wired correctly. think about it. to push your port bow down the starboard trim tab must be activated. So when you push the port "bow down" switch the starboard tab will be activated. I hope you get this worked out. You spent a LOT of money to enjoy life with the family.. I understand your frustration. Try the forum. There is a guy on there with the user name JoeRobalo or Joerabalo or joerobalo that might be able to help. a
  20. 6 kings and a Bonita. It was my first time trolling for kings and I was not disappointed. Fun fish to catch! This was at Lighthouse Rocks. 12 miles or so offshore. The only other time I've done offshore fishing was to Frying Pan Tower on my brothers 30' center console. It was a blast. He says when it's calm my 20'er will be fine. Need 2' seas or less and they must be forcast for all day. Don't want to be 32 miles offshore if the weather turns! I'm on Oak Island. Used to go to Carolina Beach. Nice area. You're just across the Cape Fear and probably similar trip to get to the Tower or Lighthouse Rocks. Are you there year round?
  21. Did you catch any fish? The picture of the boat under the house looks familiar. My house is on the north end of Carolina Beach. I always wanted to get the nerve to try frying pan shoals. Ron
  22. This is the hatch I added to cover the hole where the aft port seat is on the R200ES. You can not tow with either of the rear seats in place. They will blow out. I remove fronts also. Not sure how they do, but I take no chances! Color not perfect, but it fits well.
  23. Congrats on your new R200 Ronald. Got my R200ES a few months back for some of the same reasons; free board, head size for the ladies and boat to fit under house on pilings in NC coastal area. I had my flip down windshield installed by dealer. Now have about 89" in height with compass on trailer. Leaves me 3" - 4" to spare! On a calm weather day we went 12 miles offshore and the boat performed great. No issues. I did not want to keep the nice upholstery in place while fishing and unfortunately the R200ES has a big hole with no hatch cover when port rear seat is removed. I added a hatch from boat outfitters for about $200 and will feel much safer now when offshore. Not sure why this is overlooked by Robalo? It felt unsafe before the fix. Bimini just gets in the way when fishing and had it off. The t-top fabricator I'm dealing with said he did a fold down that was solid as can be for someone else so I am looking to add. It will fold forward and rest below the top of console so no added height. He's in the Wilmington area so may be in your neck of the woods if ever needed. About 45 minutes from me. I'll post back once done if anyone has an interest.
  24. Has anyone played with various props on a R200 with a Yamaha F200?
  25. Did you every get around to doing this? I have just taken delivery of my R180 - all great, but ridiculous position of battery switch.
  26. It seems to be a common theme that Robalo doesn't follow through. I toured the plant with my wife last December, and Robin Keller was the tour guide. They SEEMED to be very proactive. We got our R160 in April. The rub rail in the back was very poorly mounted, not close to aligned, and this seems to be a quality issue with how the molded pieces of the boat went together. The bilge was full of screws, plastic bags, and wire ties, and filled a 2nd time as more came down. The two rear seats lost screws in the first few uses of the boat, and a large piece of floation foam fell off wherever it was glued in the back seat area. Fit and finish in many places was poor, sloppy caulking, etc. The Yamaha shift cover was cracked, and the bimini cover frame rubbed when the cover is up but not opened, and the rivets gouge the metal on the opposing side. And the gas tank was mounted (it's portable) backwards, with the fuel pickup on the front, and cannot be reversed because the support system is mounted on the deck and not centered, and would hit the pickup arm if reversed. When I opened the console to run some wires, after I removed the cover piece I found that the hole they cut underneath it isn't even cut on the black line they drew. Doesn't matter - except if you're going to draw a line either cut on the line or after you cut clean the line off so it doesn't look like you just made a random cut. Our dealer has been great on fixing things, and got Robalo to provide a fix on the bimini frame, but it doesn't look great and is already wearing. The gas tank issue is still being looked into by Robalo, I told the dealer I wasn't bringing the boat back until late Spring, so perhaps that's why I haven't heard back. When I complained to the dealer about the fit and finish, and the trash in the bilge, he said that he's been in the industry for a long time and that Robalo is no different from any other company, and whether you spend $20,000 or $200,000 the issues exist. I told him that when I buy a vehicle, I expect a certain level of quality. He said "a boat is not a car or truck, it's not mass produced." My response "that's EXACTLY the reason that it should be better, because it's not mass produced. I can tell you that if I buy another boat in the future, I will be both looking at other brands and doing a very, very thorough exam pre-delivery, and ensuring that my deposit is 100% refundable if the fit and finish doesn't meet my expectations. Because of the issues I had, Robalo has me considering other brands for my next boat. Had they not dumped trash in the bilge, or the dealer cleaned it out at the pre-delivery inspection that we get charged for, perhaps I might not be doing that. But it sends a message - we don't care enough about our customers to teach our employees not to drop the trash while they work. We've enjoyed our first 75 hours on the boat, although we've realized that a 16 footer, despite being heavier than comparable models, gets pushed around quite a bit even on our lake. Unfortunately, we were sized constrained on width when we bought it.
  27. 8. Trim tab switch is wired wrong. The right side controls the left side and vice versa. I think this is wired correctly. It took me a few trips out to figure this out. From the helm, if you’re vessel lists to the port, and you want to correct it by lowering the starboard side, you press down on the starboard switch which lowers the port side tab which raises the port side stern which pushes the starboard bow down. It gets easier as you get used to it. When at the helm, it’s fairly simple because you simply activate the button based on the side you want correct. The opposite side tab is what makes that correction.
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