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  2. Thanks Haz, I am in fact the original owner of this Cayman 226, so not exactly sure why I’m not being offered a similar resolution to what others have been offered. I’m not calling into question Bob Hewes reputation, however they’re deflecting responsibility to Robalo. I’m sort of stuck here, so I’m trying to work directly with Robalo customer service.
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  4. If you are the second owner and transferred the warranty (it cost me $500 in 2017 for a 2016 model year), you should be covered under that warranty. I had the same issue with my 2016 246 and Robalo replaced the upholstery at no charge. If you didn’t transfer the warranty you are most likely on your own.
  5. Jarrett: It is unclear whether you purchased your Robalo new and you are the original owner, or, if you bought the boat used from a private seller. From past reports here and on other forums, Robalo has provided free cushion replacements to original owners, and used-boat buyers were sometimes offered replacement cushions at dealer cost for DIY or owner-paid installation by the dealer. If you are the original owner, then Bob Hewes Boats -- which has a very good reputation with customers and a prosperous relationship with Robalo -- should've submitted photos of your boat's cushions along with your boat's hull number to Robalo's warranty department for an official determination. If the replacement cost Bob Hewes Boats quoted you was their dealer price, they should've mentioned it, and/or maybe they are including installation labor. If they are asking full retail and you bought the Robalo pre-owned from them, then it's worth trying to negotiate the cushion cost down to their dealer cost, as their gesture of goodwill to you. Good luck!
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  7. Hroker, Do you know who you spoke with at Robalo? Do you have contact information? Thank You! I tried calling my dealer Bob Hewes Boats in Miami. They quoted me $3000+. Feel like I’m being scammed considering how many others have the exact same issue. Its obviously a manufacturer’s defect, and IMO Robalo should accept responsibility.
  8. He called the dealer, not Robalo. Calling Robalo yourself doesn't usually work.
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  10. Hroker, Do you know who you spoke with at Robalo? Do you have contact information? Thank You!
  11. Jarrett


    I am having the same issues as others in this discussion. Robalo has not offered to replace my cushions and instead referred me to my local dealer. My local dealer Bob Hewes Boats quoted me over $3000. How is this option acceptable for anyone? Does anyone have an alternate suggestion for me? Thank you,
  12. In 1994, the Robalo 2440 was standard with 2 Merc 150 outboards at ~ 395-404lbs each. The 200HP outboards weighed the same. One 350 Yamaha is around 780lbs. Should work.
  13. What was the original motor. Some of those 2 strokes were heavy back then.
  14. Any advice would be great. Contacts etc. I have a 1994 Robalo 2440 WA. Things a tank. Have the option to re-power with a Yamaha F350. Has anyone had experience with this motor, or know where I'd be able to find the original transom weight max. I know max horsepower recommended is 400. Can't find weight. Would hate to pass up a good deal (and horsepower) like this. Thank you for any help/advice, Mark
  15. I have the same issue with a 2018 R222, I am able to balance out with one trim tab about half way. It would be real annoying without the trim tabs for sure
  16. Searching for that rare, garage-kept R180 having both the fold-down windshield and 150 Yamaha. I have a family of 5 and we love fishing nearshore Southern California. Six months of research and boat shows, it seems like the R180 is a perfect fit for our needs. Our HOA won't let us park a boat anywhere except the garage. Luckily we have a 3-car garage with a tandem bay free. Need to fit it in my 82" tall garage, so will likely also have to modify the trailer unless it's already on a Continental like bboy's Willing to consider picking up from anywhere in the Continental US--I live in California. I might end up just ordering a new, one but hoping to find someone out there who owns this boat and has a case of two-foot-itis! Thanks!
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  18. Nice to see the forum is back up. Guess there was plenty of cleaning up to do after all the Russian posts around Christmas. Hope you were able to get it locked down properly so it never happens again.
  19. Bought a 2019 Robalo R222EX last year and was curious if there are any photos of the hull and stringers before the deck is installed. I am always interested in how things are run and put together.

  20. thanks for reply. been looking at Cobia...240's ..rock solid quality if you go through one.
  21. congrats on the R180,... Love mine ! ...glad you found a cooler,. ..I'm thinking moving up to a cobia 240...only for company and room,.. new one's are rock quality solid hull.
  22. jsanzare

    2017 R302

    GatorBait...Any chance you could take a pic of where it was calked on the window?
  23. BlueWater Enterprises' (link to manufacturer website) push button switches appear to be offered through this online retailer (link to website), though I have no experience with either enterprise. Good luck!
  24. I was able to get a look at the switches. They are made by "BLUEWATER". Seemed to be rated for 5A as anything circuit breaker above that has a relay. I can't seem to find a place to buy them though. Since their site indicates they only make light switches, they may be making these switches for ROBALO. They come with a harness plug so make sure it fits new switch or you'll need to add connectors to each wire.
  25. seans45

    2018 R242

    I have a 2017 R242 with the yamaha 300. We do a lot of fishing with it and I absolutely love the boat. I am up on the St. Lawrence River and take it out on Lake Ontario often. Boat rides great and handles the chop very well and we stay dry. When we have a group of people visiting we throw in all the cushions and there is plenty of seating for 8-9 people. I recently put on a minn kota ulterra 36v trolling motor with a 72" shaft which has worked out great for fishing the River. It did add quite a bit of weight to the boat. At first I had some minor issues such as a cracked hydraulic steering fitting, a loose livewell hose clamp, and some stress cracks in the gel coat on top of the gunnels. All issues were fixed by the dealer. By reading this forum it seems that some robalos are made better than others. I would suggest spending some time examining every inch of the boat to make sure you don't have one of their lemons.
  26. I have the push buttons and think they’re pretty flimsy—have dents in some of the more used buttons and I haven’t been doing anything abnormal with them. They also don’t light up so it’s easy to forget that things are left on when pulling back to the dock. I’m actually looking to swap mine out for some that light up when depressed.
  27. Captain Dave

    2018 R242

    I am looking at what appears to be a very lightly used 242 and need some opinions of the boat. I have been a big boat sailor all of my life and don't know a lot about powerboats. Looking for Great Lakes in the summer and travel in the winter for diving and fishing. Input?
  28. Just for added info, I have a 2019 R180/115 with the stock aluminum prop. Its a 13.25x16 which seems to work well in calm water but in bigger water with a loaded boat, tends to struggle to get traction. I have been looking at moving to a 4-blade SS prop from Turning Point (TP) to aide with the rougher water running. The TP prop calculator suggests a 14x13 4-blade. The standard method for determining pitch when switching from 3-4 blades is a decrease of 2" in pitch. As you can see from their suggestion, the pitch is decreased by 3" in this case but that is also a result of a slightly larger diameter--increasing diameter should also result in less pitch. So, the way they have it figured, an increase in diameter of 3/4" necessitates a 1" decrease in pitch and the switch from 3 blades to 4 blades necessitates the other 2" decrease in pitch. I haven't tried this prop yet but the math seems to work out. They also offer a $35 prop exchange.
  29. aandrews109


    Took a look under the back deck of my R200. I definitely would not tow from the cleats. Have used a float harness on mine hooked to the two tow eyes and pulled a three person "Hot Dog" with no problems.
  30. RickR160


    Never tow with cleats.
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