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  2. Anyone know the bridge clearance when on the trailer? Cayman SD 246
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  4. Joe Cannon


    No, each tank supplies one engine only. No crossover.
  5. There is a console cover offered for the 242 w/Ttop in the price pages for $520. Why is there none offered for the 222EX in the pricing? off
  6. Tacomaman, to be honest, I have never used the windscreen. It's been sitting in my garage somewhere since the day I bought the boat. I would imagine that if you were not satisfied with the tension, you could adjust the forward struts a little to until the tension is to your liking. The boot cover fits over everything just as it did before. I have a pretty good pic with it folded up, but am not having luck uploading a pic. I'll see if I can figure it out tonight.
  7. Burban


    Does anyone know if the 2019 R272 has a crossover fuel switch to allow pulling fuel from either tank?
  8. Wyndy

    Clarion GR10BT

    My GR10BT has condensation in the display (2018). Not high quality.
  9. I too have a leak issue on a newly purchased 2020 R207, just like Billy, there is no rain or waves coming in, only leaks about 1-2 gallons per 1 hour of running time, setting in the water not moving is does not leak. I searched best I could to locate it and towel dried my bilge about a dozen times before finally taking it back to the dealer, the dealer says in the 30 minute sea trial they did with it they can not find any leaks. J and K, how did you determine your leak was at the trim tabs?
  10. Good afternoon to all... I’m currently in the market for replacement coaming pads for my 2005 Robalo R260. While I haven’t had much luck in finding any online, I know having my current pads reupholstered is an option. In either case, I’ll have to remove the pads and currently don’t know how to do that. Any help in offering an explanation and/or avenues to explore for replacement pads would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is staying safe during these times and happy boating.
  11. Hi J and K, thanks for the reply. I don’t have trim tabs on my boat but I’ll check all screws if they are sealed properly.
  12. Recently purchased a 226 cayman and my stereo is playing the radio and my Bluetooth when connected. Any suggestions??? Thank you
  13. John1363

    Clarion Radio

    Yes. I just purchased a 2018 and my radio is doing the same. Did you ever figure out the issue ?
  14. On my 227 I wired it to the blocks behind the helm.
  15. On my 227 they had installed Scotty 2 pin plug on the gunwales. I replaced them with regular electrical plugs and keep them tucked inside the gunwhale. When I need them I pull them out through the access hatch.
  16. Last week
  17. Trying to transfer registration - any suggestions?
  18. Hi Billy, We also just purchased a new Robalo with the same issues you are having with water. We have been trying to figure out where the water is coming in and we found the water is coming in the trim tabs where they put the screws in the hull. We have an appointment this week to have it repaired. Perhaps same issue??
  19. This is the cable you. need. Common on printers computers tv's etc. or Amazon has them https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Power-Cord-15-Foot-5-Pack/dp/B0728CMCDM/ref=sxin_9_pb?cv_ct_cx=printer%2Bcord&dchild=1&keywords=printer%2Bcord&pd_rd_i=B07PW6Y611&pd_rd_r=049601fa-c069-498c-89ce-2bd1fd63044e&pd_rd_w=jt2fI&pd_rd_wg=quD5t&pf_rd_p=637c1b37-abd1-4cb6-a8e7-ff32d038d214&pf_rd_r=TMAS0TDZ7GQ2ASR06R5Y&qid=1594574395&sr=1-3-8065ff8c-2587-4a7f-b8da-1df8b2563c11&th=1
  20. If you don't get an answer here, you might try http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/
  21. Needing info & or leads for owners manuel for a 2001 Robalo 2220. Needing parts & part numbers
  22. Good evening I'm curious as to finding a owners manuel for a 2001 Robalo 2220, it has items damaged or missing. Such as wiring diagram, drain hoses & where they go, live well drain hoses, bilge pump hoses. I'm rebuilding a boat that had the rear under water so it did sustain some damage. And info or leads would be greatly appreciated, she's still a very solid boat, I want her given a second chance. Plz email, call with any questions of my needs. Thank you Eddie Stark. eddie3474@gmail.com. 281-787-0650
  23. Already did that. There’s just no water pressure at the valve
  24. I left my switch on and now my batteries are dead. I was planning on charging them with the charging cord shown, but it does not fit an extension cord. Is there an adapter that I am supposed to be using???
  25. Look inside the Livewell and you will see a water valve to open. It is hard to see you have to see on the top of the livewell.
  26. I am looking to buy a bimini shade for back of my 2015 R247. Ideally, would like to find one that is flexible enough to work on back or front. any suggestions on best aftermarket supplier for this item ?
  27. I just bought a 2015 R247. Prior owner didn't fish and thus livewell never used. I cannot figure out how to start the livewell pump. I've turned on the washdown and water pressure switches but nothing. There is good water pressure to the washdown hose. I have called 3 dealers and none of them know the answer and the manual is no help on this. There is also a PVC valve under the livewell in the transom and I assume this needs to be open. thanks in advance...
  28. From my research only, its a Garelick Eez-in. i think it is a model 19676
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