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  2. I bought one on ebay about 1.5 years ago for $450. Here's the link to a few on ebay Also here's a pic of how it looks on mine.
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  4. Ordered mine to get it like I wanted and received it in the fall of 2016. Quality has been pretty good. Only had a couple of small issues when delivered. I also have the backrests on the front seats and they did begin to loosen up a little. Access to the bolts is very easy through the front fish box. Put larger washers on the bolts and changed over to stainless nylock nuts and they have been very secure since. Did have to replace the battery switch because of a broken housing. Not a huge issue and I'm sure my dealer would have done it under warranty. However, they're about 75 miles away and at less than $40 for the part, I could do it and save a long trip. Have about 75 hours on mine now. Didn't get to use it much this past summer. Still very happy with the boat.
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  6. Thank you!
  7. That is a 2" ball.
  8. Hi, Anyone know what size Ball amount I need for the Coyote MFG trailer that comes with the R200? Thanks so much!
  9. I don't think you need to do both. Having the drains installed on the cover provides plenty of drainage. The bilge is right below deck so no tubes needed. With regards to weight distribution, moving the anchor to the bow storage area and battery under the console improved the boats balance greatly. Wish the 18gl tank was below deck instead of adding weight to the transom but that'll have to be on the next boat.
  10. We bought the R160 with the 70hp, because it was clear to me that the 90hp is simply too heavy a motor for that boat. I can say that with the 70hp we have a similar issue if two people are sitting on the back seats - the scuppers let water in. We have the rubber plugs inserted most of the time. Of course with two adults sitting in those seats, even with the 90 that boat's not going to plane, an adult has to stand and walk to the console. R160 has a great feature - the ability to fit in a normal garage on the trailer. We bought it for a different reason - a boathouse slip with 7' 6" of width. Any boat that was bigger had an 8' beam, and we decided we'd rather be boating last summer instead of working on a 1 year project (including approvals) to build a bigger boathouse and spend $40 - $60k. Having used the R160 for a summer on a lake, I can say that in any type of wave action the boat is too small, gets tossed around. We have plans in the next few years to move to warmer climates and will likely purchase a bigger boat at that time. I can say that we'll be looking at many different brands, and definitely doing a test run in wave action before buying anything.
  11. Drilling in the plastic cover and installing the drains seems the best option. Did you all have a hose directed to the bilge? or not necessary Thanks everybody for the advise
  12. Yes, I'm getting some options because I will be saving some $. Thanks for the warning on the cushions.
  13. Wow that's great. Did you order the front table? Wife wants one. $840.00 Heads up FWIW. Dealer told me to take off and stow seat cushions in CC for trailering.
  14. I'm getting with no engine, I retired from Honda so I can get a deal on a BF225 and will have a local Honda dealer install it.
  15. Nice. Did you get the 200 or 250 Yamaha? I got the 200. Still in break in period so I can't rate the performance.
  16. 2017 R200 w/150 - very happy with it. Trim tabs highly recommended to level ride with passengers and smooth rougher seas. I didn't get them from factory and now need to add them. I think the 150 is fine. T-Top and seat backs for bow seats are good options if you aren't worried about height.
  17. I'm purchasing a 2018 R222 Explorer, please keep us posted on other issues.
  18. Morehead City, NC. How about you? Great boat so far. Not impressed with the delivery detail. Trash in bilge. Hatches not latching. Nut left off of one of the battery hold downs.
  19. With the engine down and the swing swung it is 22' long.
  20. My dealer installed the same stainless drains pictured on the porthole cover itself.
  21. 2016 R200. We have totally enjoyed the boat Our dealer, Waterfront Marine, Somers Point, NJ, have been great. No T top, just a Bimini top, happy with that choice. Trim tabs, great option, especially in rough seas. We have trailed her to Florida, three years in a row (bought in the fall, better warranties). Quality trailer, Coyote. We have the 150 and more than satisfied. Bow seat backs, family loves them! Couple negatives,. Bow seats keep coming loose. Battery switch had to be replaced, poor quality, new one is heavier. Garmin is a great unit but now has a power cord problem. Poor connection. We are just turning 200 hours, so some of those negatives are simply from use and not necessarily poor quality. happy with our Robolo!
  22. It is amazing to me that any model DC would not have that door.
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  24. I purchased a new R200 a few months back and have only found a handful of loose bolt/ nuts but I think that is to be expected. Nothing a wrench or thread lock won't fix. The bimini is a problem folding back though. The braces dig into the padded sides is my only complaint. I made and mounted some folding brackets to secure the bimini while trailering. I opted for the Yamaha 200 motor and am very pleased with the power and fuel consumption. I do think a 19 pitch prop would give me more top end. It gets on plane in three to four seconds compared to my Formula Fastech which took a week or so. I bought my R200 from All Seasons in CT. Nice dealer and a super deal!
  25. Thank you FullThrottel and aandrews109 for the input it is very helpful. One other question, I've over 50 comments on this site concerning this boat and there is one complaint by several people that concerns me, poor assembly of their boat. Things not assemble correctly and loose parts,cracks, ect. Have either of you experienced anything like this with your boat?
  26. Good evening. I've got a 2016 R-200 with T-Top. It does ride fairly dry even on a 2 to 3 ft. sea. Depending on wind direction, you sometimes get a little bit of spray, but don't normally get wet unless its really blowing hard. The hull does direct most of the spray out to the sides. As for the trim tabs, they are a definite advantage. I don't have any issues getting on plane, however, depending on the wind, sea conditions and weight distribution in the boat, they allow you to make adjustments for a better and dryer ride. I ordered my from the factory with the tabs and they work great. On the 150, my boat does excellent with the Yamaha with a Reliance 17" pitch prop. It gets up on plane fairly quickly even with 6 to 8 people in the boat. There are lots of people who prefer the 200 instead, but as I said, the 150 get the job done well for me. Good cruising speed is between 28 & 32 mph by GPS at about 4000- 4200 rpms. WOT it will run about 44 mph with 6 people on board. i don't normally run it that fast and have only done so a couple of times. I live in the Florida Panhandle where the weather can change rather abruptly and have been caught out in 4 to 6 ft. seas a couple of times. Got home safe with absolutely no concerns about the boat's ability to get me there. Hope this helps!
  27. That wind blocker is really useful, especially this time of year. Took it out last weekend. Wind out of the east at about 8 knots over the cooler Atlantic. Pretty chilly until I closed the wind blocker door which immediately made the helm area much more comfortable. Allows year round boating in comfort down here in the southeast.
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