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  2. Hello, I have R180 on order for spring, but started worry if my SUV can tow it without problems. It is 2017 LR Discovery Sport rated to tow up to 4400 lbs braked trailer or 1600 lbs trailer without brakes. I know that R180 weights about 2300lbs, plus trailer and fuel. Do I need to get a different vehicle or I can tow 2-3 times a week for a distance of 10-12 miles one way without issues? Thank you!
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  4. The tabs switch is for the factory tabs without auto retract. I just flip my switch and they retract. As for the extra switches I used two for forward and aft spreader lights I installed. The wiring for the tabs I am no help with.
  5. mcd

    2021 R207 Motor

    If the budget allows, go for the 200.
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  7. Sorry, I looked last night and couldn't locate it using what I thought would be logical searches. Hopefully you'll either find it, or get a good answer from someone. Your question has also reminded me that I have no idea where my fresh water tank is in my current boat. Guess I have some learning to do myself. Good luck!
  8. Bump on two questions please: For the Lenco's, power and ground are easy as these can just go to a circuit breaker/battery (red) and the battery (black) right in the back of the boat on the starter battery. Or, with the wires closer to the rocker switch at the helm, maybe there is a hot/ground spot in the console to tap? Are those red/yellow bus bars up in the console of any value here? What about the orange switched power? Does Robalo provide a simple location for the orange switched connection? Second, why is there a "Tabs" switch on the helm? What possible value is that switch, especially on the Lenco's with the retractor feature?
  9. Yep, and seriously take the 150 into consideration. I have had a boat in the past that was underpowered. It is no fun.
  10. scheerce

    R180 in garage

    I have a 2015 R180 with the 150. With the tongue swung back, I am ~245" from the knuckle of the tongue to the furthest aft part on the engine (anti-ventilation plate). This assumes the engine is trimmed most all the way down.
  11. Bip... I have the 2015 R180 with 150. With the engine down, and the tongue swung back, I am at ~245". You can't go to the prop because the engine itself and the anti-ventilation plate actually go back further than the prop itself.
  12. Just order one from the dealer and get the options you want. No difference in price than buying off the lot. Spend the extra scratch and get the 150 w/ tabs. DnR in Greenbrook was my dealer and I was very happy with them.
  13. Thanks FullThrottle, I've created an account in the other forum too. Any chance you remember the post you were referring to? Regards
  14. Hi Joso, Actually the water tank was my first guess, given the water goes down even when the pump is shut. Moreover, the tank gets completely empty after 24/48h; if the leakage was in the lines it should not be able to drain water completely (it should stop as soon as the water level in the tank goes below the point of leakage - I doubt there will be points of the line lower than the tank itself). I downloaded the Robalo manuals and spare parts' diagrams but I cannot get my head around the schematics for the plumbing. Any help there? Is there are place where I can get the description of how the fresh/salt water systems are configured? Thanks a lot
  15. You might want to ask this on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/. More owners of older boats there and I believe I've seen a similar question.
  16. I guess you should check : -water tank - Head seals - shower heads - live well valve is in Raw water and not in fresh.. Pump head ... the other thing is if you turn off power, the pump should not be running so maybe is a leak on water lines or tank..
  17. Hi Robal owners, I recently got a 2008's R265 walkaround and I'm very happy with it so far. I have noticed a strange behaviour, though: when I refill the freshwater tank, it works fine but if I leave the water in the tank for 1 day or so, when I go back and try to use the freshwater pump I find that the water tank is empty. I am guessing there's some leakage somewhere in the freshwater system. I would like to ask for some advice on the location of the various components (e.g. pump, tank, etc.) and that troubleshooting steps you recommend. Thanks a lot in advance. Luigi
  18. I know this is a very old post but I came across it and I recently had to do a similar job. The trick to get the refrigerator out is to remove the insulation plastic/rubber around the door (at least unscrew a few nails, to get enough wiggle room) and then raise the step that leads to the bilge pump (the top step in the staircase). By doing those 2 steps I managed to remove, clean/fix and put back my refrigerator on my 2008's R265. Hope this helps, if still necessary... :-)
  19. I don’t know availability, but I would think long and hard about the 115 with the T-TOP. I test drove both. If you can, I would definitely get the 150.
  20. JPM - I have a 2021 R180 on order. In my situation I have plenty of storage headroom, but my storage space is limited to 21’- 0” deep. Can you tell me the length of your R180/Coyote trailer from the hinge of the folded trailer tongue to the motor prop? Thanks.
  21. Ok, I just measured my 2020 R180 on the Standard Coyote Trailer that came with the boat. I first leveled the trailer to the ground front and rear. Then measured with Folding Windshield up at 106" (8'6'') and down at 94"(7'6''). I still have the metal stopper on the pivot of the folding windshield. No need for me to remove it due to my 94" (7' 10'') clearance on my garage door (8' door). I can see that if you removed this stopper, you could probably gain at least 4 inches (down to 7' 2.6''). Also, you could lower the tongue down and gain about another 1-2'' lower. This is tough to measure exactly due to the location of the windshield to the side of the Boat, but I tried to put a level straight edge over to the side of the boat and get it right. One other note, my boat sits high on the trailer. The bottom edge of the boat near the top center of the fender is around 2.3/4'' above the fender. To me that is higher than it needs to be. Another note is that if you are trying to get in a real low opening, the Top of Console is 87" (7'2'') with Compass removed.. JPM
  22. Thanks - these are the specs I was looking for - where on the website did you see them? Also, what trailer is this - the "standard" trailer they sell with boat?
  23. Fastie

    R180 in garage

    Was wondering about the length of your boat and trailer for the R180 - will it fit in a 23 foot garage? (Length)
  24. I have never used it myself because I always trailer, but I have a few friends who swear by this stuff: https://www.boatersland.com/scatt.html
  25. Just thought I'd bump this topic. None of the dealers in NJ have a 2021 R180. Has anyone seen one? Any idea if and when they will ship? Thansk, Tom
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