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  2. Not my R207, but this guy installed one on his bimini. More pics in the link. It's hard to tell, but it looks like he ran the cable through the support pole in the second pic. https://www.rivamiami.com/Pre-owned-Inventory-2016-Robalo-Boat-R207-Florida-Keys-3199451
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  4. Checked the Clarion manual and the speaker wire at the unit is 20 gauge.
  5. mcd

    Factory status

    I believe that they are closing up until 4/13.
  6. I have a R222EX. The speakers come out easy enough. Plenty of slack wire and a rubber gasket. The covers twist off/on , 1/8 turn, easy. They are panasonic 6 1/2" speaker. 4 Ohm 160Watt max power. The wires are thin, likely 18ga. They are a couple inches deep but there was plenty of room in the hole to fit my whole arm. 4 screws hold speakers in place. I think JL for instance uses 6, so holes would line up. Pictures from Cecil website. .
  7. Hello fellow boats I purchased a new R200 with a 150 Yamaha last summer and I would like to upgrade the stereo. Does anyone know the depth needed for the 4 speakers in the hull and the gauge of the OEM speaker wire Robalo uses. I have nothing else to do during these crazy times, so I might as well have some fun, but to order the new components, I need to know these two OEM specs. and Robalo never answers their phone and is closed anyway for the virus. Thanks for your help gang Tom
  8. I installed a Lumitec Caprera2 Bracket Mount Dual Color LED Flood Light White/Red 101103 using a V-Lock. That way I could reverse the light aft/forward and remove it when necessary.
  9. I have a 2008 R 227 with a vacu flush head. The fresh water tank in under the starboard storage area floor and the fill location is on the outside of the boat on the starboard side near the windshield. The fresh water hose at the back of the boat is beside the transom door and is hidden when the door is open. The raw water wash down is in the engine transom area as in the picture above.
  10. Full Throttle — what light did you install on the ski bar?
  11. Based on what's happening, they can't predict when either a critical supply would become unavailable, or when they will have to close. Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina just shut down, so you can't blame them for not giving a firm date. I hope you get it when expected, but my boat is at a boatel that closed, opened under 24 hour advance reservations and I suspect based on today's announcements will probably close again. I'd complain, but this virus and it's rapid expansion is bad and I'd rather be without my boat that in the hospital fighting for my life. Let us hope this ends soon.
  12. The dealer said they have slowed production but still open. Some don’t like giving dates because people hold them to it. I’m just curious.
  13. You may get an answer here, but for sure you should contact your dealer and have them find out.
  14. Does anyone know if the Robalo factory in Nashville,GA is still up and running? I know these are crazy times and I want everyone to stay safe and healthy. I ordered a R-200 in February and just wondering if and when she’ll get finished.
  15. I also just picked up my new r 272 and went to the website as directed by the card included in the packet only to find that there is no owner's manual. I currently attempted to use the boat at night only to find that the dash buttons do not light and of course I have no owner's manual to attempt to troubleshoot the problem. I am hoping that there is a simple fix as it is very unsafe to be pushing buttons that you have no idea what they do while driving. Unbelievable!
  16. I no longer have a 207, but my current boat does have a hardtop.
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  18. Do you have hard top on your 207?
  19. I was thinking of getting some of the Rigid A series lights or West Marine Bay Blaze for below the water line and backing into my slip. I don't have the dough for Lumitec haha.
  20. Mine put 50 gallons in the 90 gallon tank when I picked up the new boat! I must have been a good customer. <smile>
  21. I had mounted a red/white light to the R207 ski bar, but it was only for fishing around rocks at night. I never have used forward facing lights so I never mounted any. On my current boat I could have gotten a factory light for the hardtop, but I've opted instead to use a sionyx aurora sport camera and display it on my phone. Works great and won't give me night blindness. Between the camera and radar, I'm fairly comfortable on a moonless night. I just use a mount for off-road biking and attach it to the windshield support. The phone is strapped to the console (factory installed area for mobile phones, even has charger just below phone). I don't need anything at the marina as it's all lit pretty well.
  22. Has anyone with a R207/227/247 installed forward facing lights? Just curious how they were mounted. I'm looking to do either one small bar or a couple small pod lights just for pulling into the marina at night.
  23. Ended up emailing Coyote and this is what they sent back in case anyone needs to know: "Does your trailer have the orange rollers? If it does the outers are RP-325 end caps...$6.00 each size 1" wide, 2-7/8" outer dia. with a 1/2" hole the center one is part # RP-446...………….$11.55 each size 3-3/4" wide, outer dia. is 2-7/8", the middle dia. is about 2-3/8" with an 1/2" hole thru center. these part #'s are molded into the part. If yours is different let me know. I hope this helps."
  24. Hi all, I was thinking about replacing the bow roller on my R207 Coyote Trailer when I take delivery in a month or so. What size roller is on it?
  25. The hose & sprayer you describe should be for raw water washdown usage, and connects as shown in this online photo... The 2008 R220 Parts Identification Guide (link to direct PDF download) shows the same raw water hose connection in the Splashwell photo on page 15, which also shows the fresh water fill fitting for the hand shower option, which your Robalo may or may not be equipped with. The Parts Identification Guide is a useful resource that also includes photos of the optional fresh water storage tank, fresh water pump, and other associated components. Good luck!
  26. I have a 2008 R220 boat we bought second hand. Found a coiled hose with spray nozzle. The owner Manuel mentions but has no visual instructions on how to fill and used fresh water system. Does anyone have visual instructions?
  27. I missed that you had multiple pumps- Agree- all 3 didn't go at the same time. Good luck.
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