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  2. I bought the Yamaha muffs but I still have to use an external clamp to press the ears together to get a tight seal. Doing this, I do get water coming out of the telltale.
  3. I use the regular clamp on suction cups that provide water on both sides. I found that you definitely need to use duct tape on the other vents so you get a good flow of water through the entire system.
  4. Good question. I have not opened the cover. If and when I do I will let you know.
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  6. Does anybody knows where CG is located on R247 - dry with single 300HP Yamaha? That info will help find centering position of the boat on new lift.
  7. Reached hours, ordered service kit from Partsvu. What muffs does everyone use? I have read many different reviews and would like input.
  8. Hi, not trying to hijack this thread but it was somewhat relevant to my question. I just bought a new to me 246 as well and I was wondering do you have to take the trolling motor off to use the mooring cover?
  9. One of the drink holders at the stern of my R180 from 2016 has rotted out (so much for stainless!) -- there are plenty of replacements online that cost less than OEM but that isn't the part I am wondering about. Is the drain in the cockpit an "impact" (press-in and cheap) drain or does it have a screw - nut to secure it in? Just wondering if anyone has pulled this apart before I go do that so I have replacement parts here before I start. Thanks for any info from your experience. I am betting "impact" because that would cost the manufacturer about $1. Best wishes from Virginia, he
  10. I did the same as Full Throttle and purchased my R180 from a remote Dealer. My local Dealer had no Inventory and could only order my Boat with a substantial Profit for him (some of it Dishonestly) and a long wait for me (at least 9 Months). When I told the local Dealer I was purchasing elsewhere, He became very Mad and used every Threat and Fear speak he could conjure up. Of course, this included the Warranty work refusal for my Boat. I moved on and made my purchase at a Dealer who had the Boat I wanted at the Factory price including options. As regards to whether this is a
  11. KKpt

    Merc Verado V-8 250 .jpg

    Mercury Verado V-8 250 ! Smooth power and preformance , propelling the R222 to 50 mph range!
  12. KKpt

    Evinrude E-TEC powered R222

    Alternate Evinrude outboard powered Robalo "DIY"
  13. Thanks. If anyone cares, my caliper wasn't super tight. It was just tight enough to cause the pads to drag on the rotor while towing boat home and heat up enough to cause a burning break smell. I could still turn the tire by hand, albeit it was tough. I used able to persuade the pad to back off a fraction by use of a hammer and a piece of wood. The tire now rotates with the same effort as the others (all brake pads drag a little).
  14. You might try posting this at http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ The site has more owners of older Robalos and I did find some about air conditioning on R265 so you may be able to get an answer there.
  15. Hi. Just became the owner of a 2004 R265 this week, super excited, boat appears in great condition. I want to add air conditioner, which I believe may have been standard in some later years but pretty sure it can be installed in the 2004 version (5,000 or 7,000 BTU). There is an extra switch labeled "Spare" in the electric panel which is AC in other years. I'm thinking of a DC-powered AC, and believe I have to install it behind the drawers in the galley. Not sure if anybody can confirm, have seen some later models without the bottom two drawers, instead they have like a black metal screen.
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  17. Here are a couple of photos of my cut at adding an aft seat hatch door under the seat cushion on a 2021 Robalo R202ex. The door stop support ledge has as a full gutter and drain that routes run-off water to just above the port side rear deck drain. The hatch door has a weather seal where it meets the door stop support ledge. The hatch door and door stop support ledge were both fabricated from 3/4” King Starboard AS raw stock using a router, router table and other wood working tools. There was not enough clearance to fit the original Robalo round five gallon bucket after installing th
  18. Biphnest


  19. This 93-page multiple-model Panel Kit document (PDF direct download link) provides the information you're looking for, beginning on page 14. Good luck!
  20. I just bought a brand new Cayman 246 and a mooring cover for it. I did not realize that it was better used while on the trailer and not on my rack storage. I am looking to sell it anyone interested? Or does anyone have one and were able to adapt it for rack storage. I can be contacted at mrizzo8743@aol.com
  21. 2015 R227 with factory rag top. Anyone know a parts business that sells this type part or know where a top is I can purchase. I live in Panama City Beach, Florida.
  22. I have a new to me R225 and all of the switch panel information is gone, does anyone have a list as to what the switches do? Appreciate the insight!
  23. MJM, I have not looked myself. I would think the marina folks would have, as EZ steer is very common? I will have to ask.
  24. which type of pumps you are using kayaks in Dubai use different pumps for their boats
  25. Hello....It was a bad caliper. I removed it to be able to spin tire and then went to the dealer and they installed a new one under warranty. They said it happens sometimes where even new calipers go bad
  26. Have you looked into EZ Steer system , used with A tiller handle kicker.
  27. Funny, I found the same picture. BUT, take a closer look at the picture. The kicker is facing just the opposite of the main. Leads me to believe they never did tie the two together for steering.
  28. I looked into that and the AP for the kicker looked fine, but add $$$s. Since I already had an AP for the main, I was planning to use that. Don't think I can help, but it should be possible to solve: https://www.usedvictoria.com/power-boats/33542378/photos?i=1 Of course in the pictures it doesn't explain the steering, but obviously he was able to get the kicker working for him.
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