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  2. What I know of the Robalo wiring from my 2019 is that yellow wires are part of the grounding system. It would be good to see a picture of what you are describing.
  3. Hi, I have a question. My Robalo R207 2017 the battery was damaged I took out the damaged one and brought the new one but where the battery goes, a Black cable comes out (Negative on the battery) a Red Cable (Positive on the Battery) there is also a yellow cable, and I don't know where is connected, you can guide me. thks
  4. Hi, I have a question. My Robalo R207 2017 the battery was damaged I took out the damaged one and brought the new one but where the battery goes, a Black cable comes out (Negative on the battery) a Red Cable (Positive on the Battery) there is also a yellow cable, and I don't know where is connected, you can guide me. thks
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  6. R 180 - In a recent response to one of my posts an Owner alerted me that the the R 180 takes on fuel very slowly and use caution to avoid spills at the dock. Has anyone else had this problem and if so could you describe a dock fueling procedure that works for you. Is it best to add using 5 gallon cans or filling up at a service station prior to dropping it in the water . Thanks Grif
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  8. Thanks everyone. Helpful as I guessed could be up to 12’6” and hopefully Robalo will release precise specs soon.
  9. Thanks for the response, good idea! I'll have to check that out
  10. I mounted the Precision-9 under the step in the head compartment on my R202. It’s center to the boat, near the water line, out of sight, away from other electrical components and allows for easy cable routing. I don’t know how the step is configured in the R230, but in the R202 the step is easily removed by removing four screws. There’s plenty of space under it and it’s easily accessed.
  11. Adding radar (halo20+) and autopilot (AP44 VRF medium) on my boat, Looking for the best placement for the Precision-9 heading sensor, Anyone install this?
  12. I no longer have a Robalo, but since no one has responded I thought I'd give you an idea of a possibility.
  13. FullThrottle


    Trolling 40 miles offshore in my R207 when a thunderstorm in the distance kicked up the waves a bit.
  14. I want to build a aluminum box to mount my radar on but do not want to take the electrical box off just yet. So I need a picture of the underside of the t-top sans electrical box. It'll be 6" high and as wide as needed to affix to any tube that runs parallel to the boat. Four bends of an aluminum piece with 4 holes on small inside shelf. The picture is to get an idea whether we want to remove the electrical box now or that we have a better idea now.
  15. I'm not sure. I bought the boat used from the original dealer but not sure if he put them on or factory. I know they are a Lenco. I can look at manual tonight and get you more info.
  16. Can anyone point me to information about setting up the bunks on my boatlift for the R227?
  17. Thank you Philippe. Are those factor installed Trim Tabs or did you install after-market? If you installed after you purchased the boat, what make and model did you install ?
  18. Hello, I made trolling rails using gimbal mounts and PT 2x6. I put a 2' and 1' track on each. The biminy support comes down between the two tracks through a hole in the 2x6. The whole unit comes right out if I want to use the boat with out the tracks and rod holders. I only have one pic available which I attached but I can get you more of the rails I made if you want. They are in my garage. I can talk to you about a lot of trolling on this boat as I too fish Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. Not sure how to give my contact info privately on this forum. I'm near Rockford, MI.
  19. Hello Larry, I'm not near the boat to measure but I have this pic if it helps. Mine is 2012. Philippe
  20. The marina that did my 100 hr checkup is an authorized Yamaha dealer / service center and they did exactly what was recommended, nothing extra and the price was very reasonable. I was happy
  21. Hi Folks ! I am Larry and I boat in the 1000 Island region of New York State , on the St. Lawrence River. I am planning to install some Trim Tabs on the R227 I purchased last year, but the boat is stored about 6 hrs. from where I live in the winter, so have no way of knowing how high the transom is. Seems like Lenco Standard Mount Trim Tabs need ~14" from trim tab to upper mounting bracket for the actuator, but the Edge Mount requires about 11" - see below picture. What have others installed - Standard Mount or Edge Mount ? If you went with the Bennett Electric (BOLT) tabs, Looks lik
  22. The red wire is connected to the load side of the switch. The black wire should be connected to a ground bussbar. These days it is yellow wiring. Newer boats have a fuse block (typically feeds radio and tabs) with a ground buss.
  23. Yes... I see where there are two Accy Buttons on one of the switch banks, on the backside there are two wires. One says Accy 1 and the other Accy 2. I want to utilize one for my front lights and the other for my back lights. My lights have two wires. Red and Black. Which wire do I connect to the wire coming out of the back of the switch bank that says Accy 1 or 2 and then where does the other wire connect to. I am aware one wire is hot and the other neutral. Just a bit unsure as to how to connect to the pre wired ready to go Accy switches that come with my 2021 R200.
  24. I added several things to the switches (autopilot, underwater LEDs and a mounted light). After figuring out what switch type I had I went to https://www.carlingtech.com and found my switch diagram. Hooked up the hot side to the switch and the return to the buss bar. The switch was already hooked to a circuit breaker so I didn't need to add a fuse or CB. You may be able to look at how other things are hooked up and determine which connector to use.
  25. Has anyone utilize the 2 Extra Accy switches with extra pig Tail connectors supplied by factory? I am installing front and back spreader lights and would like to use both switches. I'm looking to know how to do the wiring. I have run two 18 gauge two conductor wires one for front light and another for back light. Does anyone have an illustration as to how to connect to the supplied hook up inside console?
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  27. Hi everyone. Bought a 2020 R230. Been thinking about placement of a name for my boat. I am just not comfortable with putting on the side. Has anyone put a name on the transom? Pics? Thanks
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