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  2. 2015 R242 Battery Issue

    In the "O" position I have no power. If I turn directly to "1" (counterclockwise), Nothing works. If I turn clockwise through "2" and "1&2" to "1", then my marine radio, GPS, audio etc work. Motor only runs and trim change in "2" or "1&2". If I ride out to a spot and turn off the motor and change the battery switch to "1", a few times everything has gone dead.Once when the GPS and radio were on, I turned on the livewell and that killed everything. Both batteries are fully charged. The charger on board has a green light on Batt2(ENG) and no light on Batt1. no changes occur when I plug it in at home. While trouble shooting, I disconnected the port battery and the engine would not start, no trim power. I thought the port battery was "house" power and the starboard battery was the engine battery. I am really confused on this switch and how it is wired to function. Any comments appreciated
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  4. Bimini Top

    FYI $1000 for a custom made to fit bimini is a great price for the quality that you get.
  5. Bimini Top

    Has anyone not bought the Robalo bimini top and got one from another source and been satisfied? $1000 for a bimini top seems a little pricey to me.
  6. Lookin at a 2015 R260

    Looking at a 2015 260 with only 58 hrs on engines has twin 200 Yamahas just sold my Cape Horn 31 kids gone to college to much boat for me. Hope the Robalo will fill the need any input is appreciated.
  7. Fire extinguisher placement

    I had a 24' boat, but I put one at the helm, one in the head, one in the galley, and one in the engine compartment. That way if a fire broke out in any of those areas a fire extinguisher was very handy.
  8. Fire extinguisher placement

    Having a 2017 r265 being delivered in June. Since the boat is just over 26 feet it requires a larger fire extinguisher. Curious where the best place to store it and whether to have a bracket installed for its storage.
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  10. Hi everyone, i am new to the forum and this is my first post. I have a new 2017 R242 currently being built and hope to have it within a month. I am trying to plan out my electronics on the console. Do any R242 owners have the dimensions of the flat area below the black brow where the electronics can be flush mounted? Also, i ordered the 300hp, i believe the square digital control instrument is mounted below that that flat area and just above the steering wheel, can anyone confirm that? Just trying to figure out the exact space I have to work with for the new toys. Thanks for any input. Sean
  11. Robalo r160 gauges

    Anyone know what they come with? Online looks like only RPMs. I would like mph, fuel, hrs, battery. Anybody have any info on how easy it is to install?
  12. R160 in ocean?

    Thanks Skovach for the info!!
  13. R242 Incoming!

    I have a new 2017, all white R242 in my slip. Great Boat Great Ride. I have the single 300. Great engine!
  14. My R227 is seven months old with 25 hours on it. Bimini bracket mounted to windshield frame failed while crossing bay in calm waters. Both screws holding it sheared off and bracket separated with Bimini attached. Not very happy, wondering if this is a design flaw.
  15. tilt steering

    Do yourselves a favor... if you dont have tilt get it. I just took it out on a trial. Gives the ride a better feel in the palm of your hands. Ease of maneuver worth every penny.
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  17. R180 Trailer

    The issue of the boat striking the fenders while trailering appears to be confined to the R-180, as I have not seen seen this complaint with other Robalo models. The 2017 modification, which gives greater clearance over fenders, should resolve this.
  18. Boat Colors

    Just picked up my sea foam green 200es today. Beautiful boat !!!
  19. R180 Trailer

    Does this issue seemed to be confined to the 180 trailer only ?
  20. Fish Box Pump Location

    I have a 2008 Robalo 305 WA and the starboard fish box pump doesn't seem to be working... I can't find the location of that pump, does anyone know where it is located and how to access it?
  21. R160 in ocean?

    I have an r160 and boat all over coastal Massachusetts with it. I check NOAA website and so long as it's seas under 1-2 and winds under 10-15kt or so I'll head out a couple of miles if I'm trying to fish somewhere. I usually boatcape cod bay andI've even taken it from Plymouth to Provinctown which is almost 20 miles across cape cod bay (the bay ispretty calm in the summer usually). I've also taken it from Falmouth to Martha's Vineyard before, and from Taylor Point to all over buzzards bay as well. It isa bumpy ride at any plainingspeed in the chop we get around here but I do it and the boat handles it and itfeels safe... it'll handle some rollers even better I'm sure.
  22. R242 Incoming!

    Cant wait for my R242 to arrive! Any owners of a robalo 242 CC ?
  23. R160 in ocean?

    Thanks. I'm in Santa Cruz,California. I'm from North Carolina so I know all about those storms coming out of nowhere. Here you don't have to worry about that, basically the forecast is usually spot on as we don't have a lot of storms. Also the ocean is deep right off the coast, so the swell is spaced out. Unlike the East Coast and dealing the shelf.I'm sure if I pick my days I'll be ok, plus the fishing is really good just off the coast so I won't have to go far. Driveway could only fit the160.
  24. R160 Cover

    What did you go with I am wanting to do same thing. How are you liking your boat? They said about 2 month production until mine is ready.
  25. R160 in ocean?

    Off Virginia Beach I've seen small bass boats, small aluminum and small fiberglass boats - but all within a mile or two offshore and normally in groups with other boats. Near the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay, I've seen them and kayaks up and down the 19 mile bridge tunnel tunnel, but always close to the bridge and islands where they could quickly head in or to the lee side of an island if a storm came up. You will have to learn what you feel comfortable with. When I first got my R207 I intentionally took it out in 4 to 4 1/2 foot steep waves while wearing an auto-inflate PFD that has an EPIRB attached. I got beat up, but the boat did great. Since then I've taken it over 40 miles offshore many times on fairly calm days. Even with good weather predicted I got caught in a rough thunderstorm and was happy I'd run the boat in rough water before. I knew I was in for a bad ride home, but I knew I was going to get there. Hopefully someone with a 160 will chime in. Enjoy your boat.
  26. R160 in ocean?

    Not an R160, but I've run my R200 20-24 miles off of NJ.
  27. Shark Gray paint

    ..Color is nice looking as you mention, But factory should IMRON it not gel-coat,...Formula Boats do this process with great results.
  28. R160 in ocean?

    Anybody ever take there's far offshore? Also how do you like your boat? I just ordered one today!
  29. Anyone have any recommendations?
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