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  2. Audi, I think that gauge we were referring to only comes if you order the Optimus system. All of your information will be in the Simrad units. You'll need that Simrad part to keep track of your fuel data. Work with your dealer and see if they'll help you out.
  3. I stoped at my dealers marina today to have my port window frame replaced and asked about the battery switches. Not sure if I know more now than I did before. He told me that Robalo changed the switches this year and the manual is incorrect. I have just one switch with just two positions. He tells me to start the engine by using the first position. If the batteries are low I should use the second position. That will allow both batteries to start the boat. In either position both batteries are being charged when the boat is running. I looked at the Whaler diagram and it seems to depict my set up. To be honest I am not much of a mechanic. I get in the boat, start the engines and hope for the best. You are right. My son and his family love living in that area. We used to be Connecticut residents but now 7 months Naples and 5 months in Ocean City.
  4. Al - One more note - I found the description in the attached link to be very helpful. I think my boat is wired using the "Boston Whaler Factory Installation" setup - two motors/two switches with 4 positions each. I'm following the operating procedures suggested in the link and it seems to be working well.
  5. It is a small world. Essex/Ivorytown is a great place to have a boat, just wish the season was a bit longer!
  6. My son lives in Ivoryton. Has small sail boat and Proline power boat. Small world.
  7. My dealer was of NO help. When I am running, which battery knobs should be on besides port and starboard? When parking at sea for the night, what should I switch to?
  8. Yup. Based in Essex, Connecticut. Thanks for offering to ask your dealer - that would be great!
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  10. Are you from Ct. Bill? I will see my dealer tomorrow to get my port window frame replaced. Maybe he can answer our battery questions.
  11. Hadn't thought about using a strut to hold the door open, but I imagine it could be a help at times. Usually our head is where everyone puts their towels, bags, etc. and only used in 'emergencies'. I think the strut would be more of an issue (slower to open/close) than a help as far as how we use the space. As for the windshield, I use 'Rejex' and have used it on the entire boat instead of wax (had to remove the wax before the initial use of Rejex). It works a little better than RainX IMO. Also, seems to do a great job protecting the boat. Most people who don't know the boat ask if it's new (now 3 year old), so I'm happy with the way it's worked out. I thought about putting on a wiper (had one on my last boat), but after using the boat awhile have decided against installing one. Plus, with all the things I've added, I've run out of switches and would have to install another one somewhere on the already full dash.
  12. Thanks for the follow up - much appreciated. I had read that having 2 engines charging one battery could be a problem for a variety of reasons.
  13. Interesting I did not get the Yamaha gauges (that small area down to the right of steering wheel is blank) - I have Simrad booked my 20 hr service... that comes quick!!!
  14. I do not have SimRad, I have Garmin and I have all of that data programmable in my units. I can even bring in media, which I did, for the stereo system.
  15. That gauge is a little different from the command link. It doesn't provide near as much info. Most importantly, fuel usage data. If you have Simrad units, you'll need the Simrad Fuel Data Manager p/n: 000-11522-001 to get that info. My dealer was working with Robalo to pay for it, but finally got tired of waiting on the factory, so they footed the bill themselves. I don't know how it works with the Garmins.
  16. I just bought and took deliver of a 242 in late June. I love the boat but wish there was a pneumatic, gas or hydraulic assisted strut to hold open the console head door. Has any one added this to their boat? I'd also love to add a windshield wiper for the windshield but I have no idea where to put it. Any thoughts on that aside from constantly using rain-x (I haven't done yet but it works well on my car)?
  17. It does, They mount it under the steering wheel to the right. But all of your info can be programmed into your GPS screens.
  18. I have 2 extinguishers one in the electronics box (my VHF is mounted in my console) and the other is in a pocket in the gear bag mounted to my hardtop. I am going to mount the bigger of the 2 extinguishers in the head.
  19. Joebalo is Joe Pegg the owner's son and eastern regional sales manager for Robalo. He's out of FL but you should be able to contact him through the link above. You can also call Bob Ellis at Robalo, Address: 300 Industrial Park Blvd, Nashville, GA 31639 Phone: (229) 686-7481 Both Joe and Bob have been very responsive to me. Hope this helps.
  20. Did you find the leak and get it fixed??
  21. Thanks for the info... They said the boats been on the lot for a while so I was surprised when I was told no deals.
  22. Dumb question for the group but does this boat not come with a Yamaha command link plus gauge? I guess if you get the 2x 16" screens you don't have the real estate. If that's the case is there room on the console for a fuel flow meter? Did any of you sea trial other 27' to 30' CCs? Congrats to all on the new boats!! Please post pictures if possible. Be safe!
  23. I have one on my 242 and I love it. I would call Robalo and/or a Robalo dealer to see what model they would suggest. You can also go to and ask there. Good luck with it!
  24. You can also get a "boat show" discount if you're prepared to buy the boat. I got $1500 off plus Robalo was running a $500 deposit match. Additionally you can get them to give you more money on your trade in if they won't move on price.
  25. Now that you've had the boat for a while, what do you think of it? I got to say it's by far the biggest 24' I've been on. I was recently on a new 272 Southport and my 242 has more room even though the 272 is 2.5' feet longer and a foot wider. I am getting about 2.2 to 2.5 mpg at about 32 mph on my 300 in 1' to 1.5' chop. Hopefully the mpg improves as the motor breaks in. I went out fishing on a 2' to 2.5' chop day and it ran through it like a champ. I think I was able to go about 25 to 27 mph through it. It's a great boat.
  26. I also just looked at the r265 gallery on the Robalo site and the photo shows just one switch yet the manual shows 3 separate units! Very confusing.
  27. I only have one switch with 3 options. I looked at the manual again. Here is my interpretation. Although the manuals are confusing. I start both engines with the starboard battery( position 1 ). That position charges the starboard engine. I could also start both engines with the port battery( position 2 ). This battery is also the house battery. This position charges the port/house battery. If both batteries are low I can use position 3 which will start the engines and charge both batteries. Next time I talk with the dealer I will ask since I use only position 1 that means that the port/house battery never gets charged since I use the starboard battery to start both engines. The manual shows three separate selector switches while I only have one with three positions. I also have a battery charger which charges both batteries if they are low, but needs to be hooked up to my shore power. As a back up I purchased a Weego unit from West Marine which will start your engines if the batteries are too low.
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