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  2. Thanks Wrex - very reassuring. I am having Trim tabs fitted this week to help with the stern heavy ride (porpoising) as others have suggested this makes a big difference. Hope it sorts out the problem, as otherwise, it is a great boat.
  3. I do not know how the Simrad works. But Garmin you have to set up the depth counting the motor length, that means in my GPS/depth '0' it is on the motor trim down keel of the motor just to be safe.
  4. Most production boats get minor dings during the manufacturing process, and are usually repaired before the boat goes out. Sometimes the repairs are less than perfect, such as this one. I had a couple of similar problems with my R247, and I merely put them on the list of minor warranty items to deal with at the end of the 1st season. Dealer took care of it, and everything else on the list, with no issues. Relax and enjoy your boat for the summer.
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  6. Suggest renaming “Fish Talk” to something that would foster trip reports as well as fishing reports because as much as Robalo boats have fishing heritage, they are used just as much for cruising. I think many owners would enjoy writing as well as reading various reports of interesting trips taken by Robalo owners. Thank you.
  7. We didn't go fishing, but the trip was fun! Last Saturday we decided to take the R207 up to Jekyll Island for lunch. While it was a sunny and warm (82 degrees) early April day, the wind was pretty strong out of the southeast at 10-15 kts which kept all but the most determined anglers in port. But the R207 loves those kind of days, so we put in at Crooked River State Park (GA) and headed north up the ICW. It was my first time dealing with St. Andrews Sound which lies between Cumberland Island and Jekyll island. If you Google this area, you will see that it is quite a dangerous body of water littered with shifting shoal areas that have claimed many an unwary mariner. But we had up-to-date charts and followed the course pretty closely. Since the 207 only draws 30", we were able to take minor short cuts to the Jekyll river. But it was interesting as the depth finder would go from 20' to 4' in seconds! This about 1 hour before absolute low tide. But we navigated safely to the Jekyll river and arrived at Zachry's Riverhouse. We found a slip and soon were drinking beers and eating delicious seafood. After about 2 hours it was time to head back south. At 3600 rpm we were running 20-21 mph into the wind and about 23-24 mph with the wind. Is that what y'all are experiencing? It was a great trip for which the R207 was expressly made. I still need to try fishing, though!
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  9. Just an update...I first emailed Robalo in the morning, that same afternoon i went to the dealer and they put in a warranty ticket. Robalo called the dealer and the repair will be done in the fall. Unfortunate that the boat left the factory like this but my dealer and Robalo had this resolved pretty quickly.
  10. Ok, I appreciate it Rick. That helps a lot.
  11. It is only sufficient if they, or another boat, are within that range... Even with an antenna mounted on the boat, handheld has less power and therefore range. I have a handheld, but never further than 2 miles from land or other boats. When we retire in a few years, and go out into the ocean in our future bigger boat, a handheld would be used as backup.
  12. New to boating and want to eventually go offshore. Do I need a mounted VHF radio/ antenna or would a good quality handheld work ok? I have heard the range on the portables are only 3.5 miles or so but would that be sufficient to call the Coast Guard for emergencies? Thanks for any advice
  13. I appreciate the info fellas. Helps a lot
  14. LF15, yes you have the basic concept. RichR160 is right depending on what live bait you have. In the winter going after stripers, I generally put eels in the livewell with ice and water. I only run the pump enough to keep them alive until the ice is gone, then I run it most of the time. Cold eels don't knot up as much and makes it much easier to put them on a hook. With other baits I either run it a lot, or all the time to keep the bait alive. Good luck, and good fishing.
  15. You keep it running as a live well.
  16. Ok, thanks FullThrottle. I just got a R202 and haven’t tried to use the live well or wash down yet. So, I check and make the seacock is open, then hit the switch when I’m underway to collect water? Turn off the switch when it’s full and then you take the center tube out to drain it?
  17. Boat is at the shop waiting for the 100 hr service, and install. I went with the minn kota Riptide Ulterra. 72" shaft. Full auto deploy and stowing. 36v, 112lbs thrust. I'll update once I get it back. Manar
  18. No. The seacock can be left open. It closes in case you have a leak and need to stop water from coming in. The only time I've ever closed mine was to check that it closed and once to work on a leaking (barely) hose.
  19. Do you have to open and close the seacock every time you use the live well o4 raw water wash down?
  20. HI, I saw this tackle storage box online -- anyone know where would be the best place to install it? The shop selling it told me it was a surplus purchase. Tom
  21. Joso, I really appreciate the info. I have been doing that static flush every time and my intention was going to be to do that as well as the running flush but like I said I sure got nervous when no water was coming out of the pilot hole. Great info and thanks again
  22. You do not have to use the muffs anymore. Now, the motors came with the flush system. It is very simple, you have to connect the hose to motor and flush. I copied the link from Yamaha with the info so that you can see on page 61. Also I am including a link for a video... I hope this can help you!!
  23. The motor doesn’t tilt completely out of the water. With the big motor and two batteries in the rear, mine looks as stern heavy as yours in the water. I’m not too concerned with it though as the Boat performs quite well. I may move the batteries up to the console area in the future to balance things out.
  24. Thinking of adding one up front on My R180, Can I drill the floor or do a angled mount to the vertical portion of the front pads.
  25. The main valve /seacock is in the bilge area and may be hard to access
  26. Thanks. I am in Sarnia.
  27. Contact Ken at He analyzed what I was had and advised against getting a new prop - can't beat that for getting good advice from someone who sells props.
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